In Residence: Michele Oka Doner

Oh is is what a bear would know is a cave it’s a space to be an animal really you can chew your bone in the corner nobody will bother you it’s a laboratory for living it’s fluid I never feel confined when I’m here it contains my world it has the library it has lots of textures all kinds of natural objects [Music] bark roots it contains several universes and space is differentiated by use and it’s things move around it is a cave [Music] we know there’s magic in the world we all acknowledge it in some way we don’t always name it but I never gave it up I I kept it always wear a magic belongs you know in your pocket or you know behind you worth you know you I have never had a separation between my life in my work until the Industrial Revolution people didn’t live in boxes they lived in one large space that had a heart and the hearth is the kitchen which is open and I love the fact that it’s not a a container it’s really a volume that I’m unaware of the corners and it moves and flows what do we do when we create what do we do when we work just like a dog knows its own bone doesn’t dig up another dog’s bone where a bird gets up and knows its own song I sing of what I learned and know my first language was not English it was the beach the amulets the shapes the leaves all of the things that children don’t have language for yet but they see and observe and that has stayed with me you [Music]

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