Inside the Upside Down House WONDER WORKS in Orlando FLORIDA

Noah: Guys, right now We are at Wonder Works. Besz Dad: I can’t wait to go in. Besz Dad: Let’s check it out Besz Mom: Wow Robot: ” Hi, I’m Theo the Robot” Theo The Robot: Well Today you will play my version of it, its called Theo says. Besz Dad: Even the ceiling looks upside down. That’s the Stairwell. Besz dad: Look how cool he looks Besz Dad: This is so Radical. Besz Dad: I can’t get over this house. BEsz Dad: you gotta be a certain height Besz Dad: Say “Hey Guys” Besz Dad: Okay, Were going in Besz Dad: Inversion Tunnel Ahead. Noah: I’m closing my eyes. Besz Dad: Dude, This is insane Noah: ok, I’m opening my eyes. Besz Dad: Guys, I don’t know about you but I’m getting dizzy. Besz Mom” OH! This is insane, I feel like I’m spinning. Besz Dad: I feel like I’m tipping to the left! Besz Dad: And it’s fake but I feel like I’m
turning. Besz Mom: This is so strange. Besz Dad: woah oh Besz Mom: It’s an EarthQuake Simulator. Besz Dad: Okay, let’s give it a try. BEsz Mom: Oh boy! get in, get in hold on! Besz Dad: We are going to feel what an Earth Quake feels like. Besz Dad: All right guys
Loud Speaker: Earthquakes have been the cause of devastation Besz Dad: OH MY GOD! Loud Speaker: You are about to experience an earthquake that registers at 5.3 on the Richter scale. BESZ Family: OMG! Besz MOM: 5.3 !! Loud Speaker: Followed by an intense series of jolts… And Finally the AFTERSHOCK! BEsz Dad: If it shakes, if the camera shakes don’t worry about it guys Besz Mom: Even though its moderate I’m Scared (ahhh) Loud Speaker: Get ready, hang on! Besz Dad: laughs Besz Dad: That’s scary if your in an actual building Besz Mom: Yeah Besz Dad: Put yourself in there Besz Mom: Whew! Not too bad guys. Besz Dad: Not terrible. Besz Dad: Well we survived the Earthquake,
which if you put yourself in your own living room, it’s pretty terrifying. Besz Mom: Is this Peru? Besz Mom: How do you change it? Besz Dad: The mouse, Noah found the mouse. Besz Mom: Noah, can you change it? Besz Dad: And you go to them and you press the center button. Besz Dad: I feel like the movie Jumper. Besz Mom: I know and I wish. Besz Dad: Where we are jumping from world to world. Besz Mom: From Continent to Continent Besz Dad: So Noah has his hand in here, extend it buddy. Don’t be afraid. Get in there Besz Dad: Dude, Thats so cool!! laughs Besz Dad:Really, What are you feeling right now? Mans yells in the background from excitement Besz Mom: I’m Excited! Besz Dad: Alright, We are in a hurricane shack Loud Speaker: It’s 2001 The cost of repairs from Hurricane destruction in the United States has exceeded 157 Billion dollars. Besz Dad: It looks like somebodies window. Besz Dad: That’s outside buddy. Loud Speaker: Category 1 hurricane has speeds of 95 miles per hour. Strong enough to knock over a tractor-trailer. BEsz Mom: Where does the wind come from? Oh, it comes from back there. Besz Mom: Hold on Noah, Don’t get blown away. Besz Dad: Yells… Wooooooooooo Loud Speaker: Loud Wind and Broken Glass Besz Dad: Noah, Your hat fell off. What happened? I thought you said you got it? Hurricane expert. Laughs Besz Dad: Anti-Gravity Chambers Besz Dad: I don’t know what it is that’s making my camera go out of whack. Which the water definitely is floating. Besz Dad: I’m recording and I see stripes going up and down. Besz Mom: yeah, on my phone too. Besz Dad: Yours too right? Besz Mom: It’s hard to record in here. Besz Dad: We cant record in here so.. Besz Dad: The Second level which is actually the first level. Besz Dad: The upside down building. It’s all upside down. Besz Dad: Do you know the story behind this building? A hurricane came and flipped the house upside down. Besz Dad: You guys are creepy! Besz Dad: Look at Noah’s hands ha ha ha Besz Dad: Okay, Albert Einsteins over here. Stop looking at me, Albert!! All of you guys are following me right now. Besz Dad: Einstein keeps following you. Noah: So guys, right now my face is really printed right there. Besz Dad: I don’t believe you. Do it again.
, do it again on that side. Besz Dad: Let’s see Noah’s face guys. Laughs. Besz Dad: Oh, That’s Noahs’ body. Laughs That’s your Body. Laughs Besz Dad: A Giant Hammer Noah. Besz Dad: Guys, Noahs’ going to lay down on a bed of nails. Besz Dad: Lay down, stay perfectly still don’t move until its done. Besz Mom: Ready? Besz Dad: its a bed of nails so it’s serious. Besz Dad: You ok? Noah: Yeah Besz Dad: It’s coming, You Ok? relax Besz Dad: They really are sharp! Besz Dad: He’s on a bed of nails! Besz Dad: Laughs, Stay Still. Besz Dad: Here we go. Go ahead buddy, get off. The other way, The other way… okay Noah: Guys! A Dinosaur Besz Dad: Pretty Awesome! Besz Dad: Noah’s making the biggest volcano ever! Interactive sand. Besz Dad: You can take anything in the sand and you control the
climate you control the earth. Besz Dad: You control the Volcano. He just made that. The higher the mountain of sand you can make a volcano. Besz Dad: Maybe we can make
another one. Can we make another volcano to show the camera? Noah: Yeah, Yeah BEsz Dad: Look, he’s going to get all the sand together. Besz Dad: This speeds up the process of everything. You can back or forward. Besz mom: That’s really cool. Besz Dad: Ready? Watch this look at the explosion. Besz Dad: You can literally see it happening. Besz Mom: Look at all the cracks. Besz Dad: The first crack is amazing. Besz Mom: Oohh Yeah Besz Mom: It just completely shatters it all. Besz Dad: Noah put them together. Noah: An Alien! Besz Dad: Noah’s like in a rover. Besz Dad: That’s pretty cool. He’s driving a rover. Besz Dad: Alright guys we are heading upstairs Besz Dad: You do see them. That’s so cool! It’s Spinning. Noah: Guys, These are actually not creatures. You see? This is their hands. Noah: This is a face. Besz Mom: How many human hands can you find? Besz Mom: Oh yes, Look! This is the eyes.. and there goes his nose. Besz Dad: That is so cool! Noah: Guys look Besz Mom: Oh, How many humans can you count though? Noah: Counting. One, Two, Three, Four, Five Besz Mom: Laughs, Counts. One, Two, Three humans. Besz Dad: The Basement. By the way, this is the fourth floor and this place is called the basment.. do you get it? because the house is upside down. So we are in the bottom. Besz Dad: That is so cool. Dude, don’t move he pooped on your head. Besz Dad: I’m just joking ha ha ha Besz Mom: Christmas likes you. Noah: Guys, I hope you enjoyed our video in Wonderworks. Noah: Don’t forget to subscribe, smash that like button, hit the bell so you can get all the notifications when a new video comes out. Bye!

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