Orlando in florida USA is home to some
of the top theme parks of the world consisting of universal studios resort SeaWorld and top of the list is the walt
disney world resort now just south of downtown Orlando lies
this now famously name road known as international drive it’s also known as the eye dr which
stretches more than 11 miles you’ll find shuttle stops like this covering the
entire stretch with the transportation system known as the I ride which
operates from eight a.m. to about 10:30 at night you can’t miss these retro tram look-alikes
distinguishable buses now with faces painted on the front SeaWorld is a main I ride stop as is
two of the world’s top water parks wet n wild and aquatica also owned by the sea
world group this service operates between the two
premium outlets north and south just to mention some of the attractions
this is one of many adventure golf courses known as the Hawaiian Rumble and here’s another about six in total with its own
individual landscaping and scenery now this is just a quick view of the new
orlando Eye which at this point in time is still waiting it’s official opening now if you check
out my channel you see that i have a short film with a little bit more
information about it this is one of the many malls up and
down the eye dr this one’s called . orlando and as well as bars and
restaurants it’s also home to the multi movie complex the regal which also
incorporates an imax cinema now you can see an example of the many
diverse types of architecture surrounding the air that’s a link shuttle which is the main
form of transport in and around the orlando area is followed by another I
ride Trolley. Prices for both are very reasonable cost you know more than about two dollars and cheaper still for
senior citizens and children I don’t know why but I’ve always liked
this unusual hotel when I first saw it I believe it was known as the universal
Tower’s then it turned to the sheraton and now it’s the for points this area is just outside the famous wet
and wild water park like everywhere else I believe it’s open 365 days a year back on another shuffle heading south just passing the congo river golf and
at the foot of four points now this trademark blue roof building is
home to the International House of Pancakes more commonly known as I
Hop. I know that most people in the US already know this but this is something
we don’t have in any way shape or form in the UK this has just been a quick glance at the
area but if you want to see what it’s like at night time then check out my
channel for international drive at night also check out some of the theme parks
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