Invasive Hydrilla aquatic plant in Florida waters

Oh, what we got here? Oh . . . Hello, I’m Dr. Jim Cuda, a State Extension Specialist with the University of Florida/IFAS Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. In my hand, here is Hydrilla Hydrilla is a submersed aquatic plant native to Southeast Asia that was intentionally introduced into Florida as an aquarium plant in the 1950’s and quickly escaped cultivation. Hydrilla is a problem because it grows quickly, forming mono-cultures that displace native plants and reduces bio-diversity. Today, this Federal noxious weed grows year-round in most Florida lakes and waters and interferes with navigation, flood control, and recreational activities. Recently, hydrilla developed resistance to one of the most important and effective herbicides used to control it. For more information on Hydrilla, go to the fact sheet at the web address on your screen or visit your local UF/IFAS County Extension Office.

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