“It’s MORE than just swimming”…

One of the the benefits that the pool
has had over the years has been great leadership. Leaders from our legislators
who have helped us create the pools authority, to the directors, to the parent
involvement, and the board. The pool has demonstrated great stewardship over the years for the community funds that it’s been blessed with. Now it’s time to grow.
All three aspects of what the pool offers from the competitive, to the
educational, to the community wellness – those, all of those programs, are cramped
for space now at our wonderful Aquatic Center. Since they’ve demonstrated such
great responsibility, I think it’s wise of the community to be able to trust
them with added responsibility to grow, and see how many more lives they can
touch, how many more kids can be blessed, how many more adults can use this
wonderful facility. It’s more than just swimming, it’s a community asset.

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