Ivor Talbot Using DPA Microphones to Recorded Underwater

Hi, I’m Ivor Talbot. I’m a Production Sound
Mixer on films and television programs. I’m currently working on a movie called ’47 Meters
Down – Uncaged’ I believe is the latest title. It’s a shark a movie, mostly underwater. I’ve
worked on films like, ‘Fantastic Beasts’ second unit, under great sound mixers on that. I
did ‘Woman In Black’, I did a TV show called ‘McMafia’. I’m responsible for, essentially,
number one – recording sound. Recording the dialogue with actors but also communications.
So everybody can hear everybody else. Especially on this job, it’s all about communication.
So the actors can hear each other, underwater that’s kinda tricky, the director can speak
to them and also hear them. And I was told immediately that they didn’t want to see the
mic, they wanted it hidden away. They didn’twant to obstruct the actor’s face, because
when you’re in a full faced mask there’s so little space for anything to go! There was
literally one port-hole on one side which we could put a microphone and I was told it
had to be as low down as possible so it didn’t cover the mouth. I use DPA mics, first and
foremost on my normal drama work above water. I did some days testing on it and discovered
that most of the systems that they use already, weren’t perfect for four and five people working
underwater and talking. Yeah, the challenge was to find a microphone that would work first.
So I tried lots of microphones, including the ones in my box which were the DPA ones
and low and behold the DPAs worked when others failed. Instantly what it did was it made
everything sound better number one. Even the regulator and the bubbles sound better. It
also meant that people could hear each other and communicate. I never expected to get usable
sound and amazingly I found that when we stuck those mics in there, we got some!

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