Jaws (1975) – Barrels Scene (5/10) | Movieclips

[ Hooper ]
He’s circling the boat. Come on, Martin. [ Radio ]
Amity light station to Orca. This is Amity light station
to Orca. Come in, Orca. Orca. Come in. l have
Mrs. Martin Brody here. [ Hooper ]
Go on, Martin, move, move t Beyond the barrels,
go to the end of the barrels. Further out !
What ? Go further out !
What for ? Will you go to the end
ofthe pulpit, please ? What for ? Foreground, my ass ! Your husband’s all right.
He’s fishing. Just caught
a couple ofstripers. We’re bringin’ dinner.
We haven’t seen anything.
Over. Out. l’m not staying here.
l’m begging you. Martin, eoddamn it !
Come heUre, darlin’, come here ! [ Hooper ]
Bea utiful ? Chief, get on the bridge.
Take her forward, steady. l’ve never steered
a boat in my life. Watch my hand.
Take her steady. Mr. Hooper,
attach the end of this
line to the first keg. l’ve got to get a good
shot at that porker’s head. [ Engine Sputtering ] [ Beeping ] Comin’, comin’. Hooper, get clear
of the barrel. Hooper ! Tie it up,willya ?
Yourturn, Quint. Hooper,
where are ya ? Hooper, hury it up now.
Tie it on. Hury up, he’s comin’
straight for us.
Don’t screw it up. Don’t wait for me ! Come on, Hooper,
Hury up t
Tie it on t Now. Now. [ Brody ]
Kill him, Quint.
Kill him ! Now ! – Shoot !
– [ Gunshot ] Time ! [ Qu i nt ]
What were you doin’ ? l didn’t
get a clean shot in the head. [ Qu i nt ]
What were you doin’ ? l didn’t
get a clean shot in the head. All right, let’s see
how long that barrel
takes to bring him up. Free another barrel.
l’m coming around again.

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