Junior Life Guards needed at Joplin Aquatic Parks

we’ll be investing another $600 million dollars to expand the data center here and create an additional 100 jobs for the Pryor community.” A LACK OF ENOUGH LIFEGUARDS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY SOME AQUATIC PARKS IN JOPLIN AREN’T OPEN EVERY DAY. BUT AN UPCOMING COURSE THROUGH THE JOPLIN PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT IS DESIGNED TO CHANGE THAT IN FUTURE YEARS. A JUNIOR LIFEGUARDING CLASS IS BEING HELD IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS. AQUATIC SUPERVISOR CHAD COLEMAN SAYS IT GIVES KIDS BETWEEN 11 TO 14 AND IDEA WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE A LIFEGUARD. HE SAYS STUDENTS THAT TAKE THE CLASS ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE ABLE TO PASS THE PHYSICAL RIGORS OF THE LIFEGUARD TEST WHEN THEY GET OLD ENOUGH TO BECOME ONE BEGINNING AT THE AGE OF 16. Chad Coleman, Aquatic Supervisor, Joplin Parks & Recreation”And the best part I think the kids really like about is they get to shadow a real life guards, they get to follow a life guard around for the day, we do that on Wednesday and Friday of the class, so the class is Monday through Friday and like I said the last day they um walk around with the lifeguards and sit on the stand with them and get a chance to be a real life guard for a little bit” THE CLASS IS OPEN FOR YOUNG PEOPLE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 11 AND 14 AND IS BEING HELD JUNE 24TH THROUGH THE 28TH. THE HUNDRED DOLLAR CLASS IS BEING HELD AT THE CUNNINGHAM AQUATIC CENTER. THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS JUNE 18TH. FOR

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