Karaga Hobbyist Aquarist Family Battler All Aquatic Pets

This is how to defeat Karaga using all aquatic
pets for the Hobbyist Aquarist part of the Family Battler achievement, your first pet is Benax, with water jet, swarm
of flies, and bubble, your second pet is an emerald turtle, with
emerald bite, and shell shield, and finally a moonshell crab with arcane slash,
and shell shield, these 2 can be any aquatic pets with shell shield and a bonus damage
ability to flying, start with benax and cast bubble, followed
by swarm of flies, and now cast water jet until lazy is defeated, once lazy is defeated spokes enters, start
with swarm of flies, and then use water jet until your benax is defeated,
once defeated bring in either of your 2 back row pets, in my case it was the emerald turtle,
cast shell shield, and then use emerald bite or similar ability until spokes is defeated,
once spokes is defeated skeeto enters, continue using emerald bite until if and when
defeated, if defeated your final pet enters, in my case
it was the moonshell crab, you can either start with shell shield, then use your bonus
damage to flying ability or just use your damaging ability until the fight is done,
depending on RNG this may take a few tries to get to work, hope you found this video helpful and thanks
for watching.

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