Kerala Chemballi Fishing | Tips For Retrieve Lure in Salt Water!!!

Mangrove Jack Fishing Tips Have to setup We are here to try to catch mangrove jack or barramundi We are here to try to catch mangrove jack or Barramundi, we already got a Mangrove Jackfish Fish that catch with this lure This one is a china made lure name of the lure is proberose brand have try to cast that corner not yet need to look there Yes, small one catch On this lure, we got this fish I hope this jackfish decided to suicide on this lure Because of no fish yet strick on this lure length of the lure may be 10cm and weight would around 13 to 15g you should replace the hook and split ring like this lure I am showing here we tide the braided line directly to the fastach clip and then bond to the split ring we don;’t use the leader line here because there is no destruction here this spot

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