Kiefer Raptor Goggle @ SwimShop

Hi and Welcome to SwimShop. Today we are going
to take a look at the ever popular Kiefer Raptor Goggles. These entry level adult goggles
are so comfortable, leakproof and easy to wear. Perfect for everyday use, they come
in at a remarkable price point. If we take a look more closely, a flexible one-piece
frame moulds to the face with good sized sockets and soft silicone seals for a comfortable,
watertight fit. The split yoke headstrap stretches comfortably without snagging and is easily
adjusted with tabs on each side. A simple black styling with offset with smoke lenses
that not only allow a certain degree of anonymity, but reduce glare in bright light conditions.
These tough polycarbonate lenses have also been treated with Anti-Fog and full UV protection
for clear, safe vision when out in the open water. Check out the full details of the Kiefer
Raptor and to see our wide range of goggles and swim accessories at by
clicking on the link above.

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