Kiefer UFO Goggle @ SwimShop

Hi and Welcome to SwimShop. Today we are going
to take a look at Kiefer’s UFO Goggles. Exceptionally well priced, these goggles are popular for
racing and can also be used for training. As you can see, they have been designed with
a low profile frame to reduce drag and come with three easily interchangeable nose bridges
for a smooth, precise fit. A thin double strap silicone headstrap is secure, lightweight
and easily adjusted from the central tab. These are in the attractive pool blue colourway
with blue lenses for moderately reducing glare, ideal for changeable light conditions. They
are also available in different colours and lense combinations. Extra strong polycarbonate
lenses have also been treated with Anti-Fog and UV protection for clear, safe vision when out in the sunshine. Check out the full details of the Kiefer UFO and to see our wide
range of goggles and swim accessories at by clicking on the link above.

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