Kusa Hobbyist Aquarist Family Battler All Aquatic Pets

This is how to defeat Kusa using all aquatic
pets for the Hobbyist Aquarist part of the Family Battler achievement, your first pet is any crab higher the power
and health the better with pinch, renewing mists and shell shield,
and then any 2 level 25 aquatic pets with headbutt and bite, start with your crab and cast shell shield,
followed by renewing mists, and then spam snap until Beets is defeated, once Beets is defeated Rawly enters, cast
shell shield, and then just spam snap until Rawly is also defeated, once Rawly is defeated Stinger enters, just
spam snap until your crab is defeated, once your crab is defeated bring in either
of your 2 backup pets and cast headbutt, and then use bite until stinger is also defeated, hope you found this video helpful and thanks
for watching.

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