La Crosse pool committee hears proposal for new aquatic center

The City of La Crosse’s Pool Committee is hearing more about a proposal for a new aquatics center. The committee has been considering whether to repair or replace the city’s historic Memorial Pool near UW-L . which was closed last year. Tonight . they heard a proposal for a new facility that would serve as an alternative to repairing the old pool. The collaborative indoor aquatics center would include three different sized pools . allowing for multiple activities to go on at once. Those proposing the project say the new facility would allow for more opportunities for things like physical therapy or swimming lessons year-round. When you look at the amount of time that the outdoor pools are used, it’s basically 76 days out of the year verus 365 that an indoor aquatic center could be used. A location for the proposed indoor facility hasn’t been decided yet . but the possibilities may include Forest Hills or Myrick Park.

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