Lake Eola Park Tour 🌴 Downtown Orlando, Florida | JEN TALKS FOREVER

hey everybody it’s Jen guess what
we’re in downtown Orlando I’m at beautiful Lake Eola park lots of swans
here ducks plenty of people great place to walk around so let’s take a look located right in the heart of downtown
Orlando Lake Eola Park has a gorgeous view of the city skyline I really
enjoyed spending a few hours here I was in town for another event and a friend
of mine told me this would be a good place to spend the afternoon so that’s
exactly what I did I decided to attempt walking around the entire park there is
a sidewalk that goes all the way around and it’s point nine miles so just under
a mile so why don’t you come walk in with me it’s great lake views all the
way around there’s a fountain in the middle and then that rainbow
amphitheater that is Walt Disney amphitheater and there’s concerts and
shows there here’s a view of the city streets and we’re gonna go right up into
the amphitheater if you end up working up an appetite
head over to relax grill and grab a bite to eat and get a couple of drinks this
is a very popular spot for weddings and festivals and there’s always a lot of
events going on year round so definitely keep your eyes peeled out for everything
happening here now you can see real swans here or you can rent a swan shaped
paddle boat for a fee of $15 for every 30 minutes so I’m still making my way
around it took me about an hour to go around the perimeter of this park but
keep in mind that I was also shooting along the way and I was carrying a
camera on tripod so I was a little bit slow after time ran out on that two-hour
parking spot I wasn’t quite done with Orlando so I
thought I would drive around the neighborhood a little bit and I was in
search of something else all right we’ve left Lake Eola and I’ve
got some time to kill before I go to this event tonight with Derral Eve’s
which I’m very excited about so I thought I would check out one of our
Lando is ice cream spots crazy give me anything okay let’s get wild sounds
literally something that looks good and tastes good but surprise me we potato ice cream and go that’s unique
alright so I’m trying to eat this like crazy ice cream cone it’s melting all
over the place this is delicious though such unique flavors and a lot of things
that I wouldn’t normally put together you can put together this is a little
bit messy alright I’m going after those lips lots
of fun here really great place to spend an afternoon just hanging out very
peaceful and parking is free for two hours on the east side so definitely
stop on down here if you’re in the Orlando area a must-see for sure anyways
I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give me that thumbs up and feel free to
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one I’ll see you guys next time

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