Lake Trout on Underwater Camera!

good morning I’m back for another day of
ice fishing, better lighting right there I love my fishing not gonna lie I am still up at caribou Lodge Outfitters
here like I said in my last video yeah so that lens right there I’ll leave
some contact information up here how to get here and yeah I’m gonna go electro
fishing again today I love Lake TRO fishing I gotta go so I’m going to go to
a different league today like I had said in my last video such a central location
fit so many different options to go different areas I’m going to sled across
town here I’m gonna head to out the Papa Scout other words known as apt a plate
we’re gonna go chase some lake trout last year I had a couple epic days there
and I’m hoping to kind of repeat it so it’s still dark load as you can see
actually get there nice and early get set up get the underwater camera going
once it gets light enough so yeah the next time you see me I’ll probably in my
shack fishing Audio audio check check can you guys hear me well I hope so we
are rolling cameras 1 2 3 flasher cam I was gonna get the underwater camera down
once it gets to be a bit lighter I got a double 10 hole drilled today this is
just to give myself a little bit more room to turn the trout up the hole and
yeah two hours later I’m set up and fishing now of course the drive was sure
I was probably at half an hour but setup takes a long time with all the cameras
so yeah I’m dropping down right now and I’m marking fish down there so let’s see
what happens nice fish nice fish look at him clear oh
come on that’s what I want right there come back come back come on
come on oh don’t turn away come eat this jig you big lip bugger come on that’s a
nice fish that’s a nice fish the I shouldn’t have jigged it all these
story here oh he turned away til a second come on
it’s a nice fish well got some fish on the camera this morning just not not
aggressive they’re very some would say adult style
so mark up there of 37 feet where’s my jig
there is always come right to it it’s come right to it here it comes his chase
and he’s chasing it’s chasing it come on come on come on he was chasing it like
instantly he went to it as soon as it was coming up come on buddy they are not super aggressive today just
saw me he just saw my tube drop is he gonna eat it though come on it’s a
little good come on oh come on they’re picky right now okay changed up to a
chartreuse tube here I’ve had a lot of fish come through on the with the white
tube here I just can’t get him to connect look at him
it’s interested in it just won’t you come right he comes right up to it but
as soon as you like pause it for a second for evening to eat it he just
turns away and he’s not eating it on the when it’s moving either it gets behind
him he gets scared he’s a little guy yes yes all would eat it when I was
sitting there well eat it when I was sitting there come back please
good fish – come on come on I just had it sitting there and it didn’t connect
here comes here comes I’m not gonna move mucking to move oh come on
it’s a nice fish oh yeah here we go here we go
yes ah first leaker of the day I don’t think he’s very big gone
come on meat he’ll hit it again as if that’s the first fish that actually came
in with authority and smashed it right away I’ve lost two fish now plus have
that other bigger one eat and not hook up Oh boys yeah there we go let’s have a little nap
let’s have a little nap full nap I caught a fish while napping transducer I
don’t think it’s very big but yeah full on now not even gonna hide it I was
sleeping and it felt good felt good to sleep but even feels better to hook well
my hook land my first Laker of the day I’ve already hooked a couple others come
here come here okay nicely nicely ker come here buddy
okay okay ya freak I caught my first Laker of the day while sleeping I’m
gonna hide it I think I might even been snoring I don’t know I guess I’ll watch
on the video later nice fish though nice color hopefully some bigger ones for
today yet though coming coming my way Oh almost lost my rod there you go that
was not the prettiest of releases right there but hey gone you can catch lake
trout while you sleep I just learned that I had to have a little nap I did
feel good now though had to Lakers on lost him had one bite didn’t hook up and
then I cut that one sleeping so I’ve had some action today it’s not crazy slow
it’s not like it wasn’t my last video where I was just pounding a bunch of
lake trout but hey I’m after one bite today on a spa
one bite won’t wondegg fish ho ho oh no come back come back that’s
big fish come back oh I shouldn’t have moved it I shouldn’t move my bait
I shouldn’t move my bait das a good fish I shouldn’t move my bait I should just
let sit there that was a good fish oh oh he just came in and he just looked like
he was gonna suck it in and I moved it I thought maybe if I
pushed it I can get him to lunge out it and well they are not aggressive today I
am on him I’m on lake trout that was a good fish that’s a big Laker
he’s lake trout or winning today they are winning big time look at that look
how they’re short but he’s got my line in his mouth
had my line in his mouth oh boy I can’t get a break here see hope Tanana they
are today like so generative that’s uh makes fishing tough one there that
tentative you see I had drilled double tens today what that means is two ten
inch holes kind of connecting together the the reason for doing that is just so
the lake trout head will turn up the hole easier I can get a better line and
I can get a little bit of an angle and I can turn his head up the whole last year
round the problems expression when I can when I got tangled in my camera cord of
turning that Lakers head up the hole this will just this will give that Laker
a better opportunity to get started now the downside to that is obviously once
the Laker gets further up here it’s got more room to thrash harder to grab on to
where it’s that single hole it’s really simple to grab on to I noticed that
right away the first fish I caught it was like thrashing all over the place
almost gonna use the net but if you are gonna do these double towns like this
the best way to do them is to drill one hole about 3/4 of the way through and
stop and then go do the other hole and drill it all the way through or even go
half way through 3/4 way through and then come back if you drill one hole
the way through and then you go on to the next hole that water is gonna cause
your auger to slip on the ice and then then just gonna end up being a mess the
holes aren’t gonna connect properly on the bottom you’re gonna get off
everything’s finished there and your holes you’re gonna have two holes of the
water in it but also in the bottom you’re gonna have like this much ice
that’ll go right between the two holder to the bottom so do them individually
like that go 3/4 and then all the way through and then come back or like I
said go 1/2 and 3/4 and come through and then go back to that one don’t just
punch one hole through and think you’re gonna get through on the other you got
to have a nice hole built already for that flighting to work for that for that
second hole so yeah definitely double tans are a great way for big Lakers I
know that a lot of people do them I’m not the only one I didn’t invent this by
any means and people been doing a long time ahead of me and probably even had
sent me some messages saying why aren’t you using double tents when you’re lake
trout fishing last year yes caught caught caught him caught him that fish
came in from right behind I don’t know how well I haven’t hooked so I’m gonna
lay it to him I never even saw it I just saw it come in and open its mouth and
eat Lake our Lakers camera Oh Oh Cameron his turn now he’s
bulldogging gives me a chance to turn on a camera and pull a transducer that’s
the other good thing about the double 10 to the transducer you can keep it in one
of the holes where you’re not reeling and oh oh yeah trailer hook baby I got
to talk about the trailer hook a little bit cuz that’s what I caught this fish
on right there right on the trailer hook and look at pop right out it’s not big
but that fish the owners and I caught that who’s because of that trailer look
right there unbelievable never even saw it just coming home nailed it
ok down you go down don’t go down go down to get us when you buy a tube jig
you buy just this plastic piece right here right and then you have to buy a
had to put inside of it this is a one ounce er in here pull a little bit of
line out here so what I do is I know I talked about this in my last video but I
think it’s so important since I started putting the trailer hook on how many
more Lakers I’ve actually landed so you have this normally this tube jig here
right one hook that’s how it comes right there so I take a 25 pound piece of
fluorocarbon right there and I just tie a simple uni knot here and that is
simple uni knot here it gets a little bit tricky because when you’re tying it
you want to try to get it closed right you don’t want to have it much longer
than that that’s about as long as I want it and I’ll take a piece of belly meat
here from like Tula beat and I’ll run it from here down to the trailer so when
you’re tying it you have to try to get this hook as close as you can so when
you go to cinch you’re not it’s not super far out but a trailer hook like
that if you add in there you’re gonna increase a lot of your landing
percentage your a lot of landing percentage your gonna increase your
you’re going to increase your landing percentage a lot and your hook up ratio
will go up immensely okay guys that’ll wrap up today nothing
super crazy there’s hard though push from sunup to sundown just ignore the
part where I fell asleep for a little bit during the day that’s probably gonna
be other video because I did get fish it happens I need a little power nap so I
had one it turned out for me that was probably the best way to catch the lake
trout today was literally just having my tube jig sitting there I almost should
have did that more cuz every fish that came in as soon as I would start moving
the jig they’d just take off so they were super super finicky today super
nervous they were very nervous lake trout are like that though you’re
not always going to slab them so here it is a video that I wouldn’t believe it
last year if I had a day like this but I’m gonna put it out a couple small tips
in it about the 10 inch hole and of course the the tube jig we talked about
too so there we go have the PAP Lake wins for the first time this year but
I’m gonna be back so thanks for having me norm awesome location I have fished
cranberry lake the other day a fish out the PAP today I might stop and fish
something on the way home tomorrow maybe Rocky Lake Barbie Lake something like
that it’s super close I don’t fish it tomorrow I will be back up here pretty
quick I got lots of time left yet this winter to score me a big lake trout I’m
gonna Lake drove hard this winter that has a
goal to ice a big momma so thanks for watching guys and girls
lots of videos to come this winter yet here talk about the helix 7 here shortly
to talk about all the camera gear that I use and lots of other things that I have
on the go love all the support thanks for watching guys see you soon you

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