Lakes: Take another look

♪♪ It’s no secret that lakes
are the pride of Minnesota. They’re stitched into
the very fabric of our identity. We revel in the
breathtaking scenery of our lakes. We play, relax,
and build communities alongside their
sky blue waters. Lakes are so much more than bodies of water
surrounded by land. Just like forests
or prairies they are complex
and dynamic ecosystems an underwater world
teeming with life and character. ♪♪ A dynamic ecosystem
is one that changes. One way to tell
that a lake changes is by its water level. The shoreline doesn’t always
stay in the same spot. It might seem
like a bad thing when the water levels
of a lake are low. But in reality
changing water levels are the mark of a healthy,
normal lake. If we look under the surface, we can see a whole forest
of aquatic plants and animals. ♪♪ One such plant is
the three square bulrush. This reed creates
a habitat for fish and insects both in and out of the water. It protects the shoreline
from wave-action erosion. But bulrush seeds
can’t germinate under water; they need moist soil
and sunshine. Since they can’t walk,
they have to wait; sometimes for years, until the exposed
lake bed comes to them. Without changes in water level, the three square bulrush
can’t grow and an essential part of
our healthy lakes would be lost. While a lake reed may seem
about as exciting as lawn grass, it’s just one small part
of a world where plants and animals of all
shapes and sizes call home. ♪♪ Lakes are more than
giant puddles, they’re an ever changing
ecosystem, a thriving example
of nature’s wondrous beauty and the pride
of Minnesotans. As we step in
to manage our lakes we need to balance our actions
with nature’s patterns and our lakes
will continue to be the pride of Minnesota for generations to come. ♪♪

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