Laura, Aquatic Science and Technology, DTU – Technical University of Denmark (in Spanish)

My name is Laura
and I come from Spain, Majorca. I’m doing my masters
in Aquatic Science and Technology at DTU. I chose it because I love the sea. I’m somehow really connected to the water
maybe it’s because I come from an island and grew up very close to the sea.
I think it’s an amazing environment. I specialize in ways to treat
ballast water in cargo ships in order to protect the marine ecosystem. I love swimming. In the sea, you feel a freedom
that is very special. I think it’s amazing to swim
and think that you are surrounded by so many organisms. While many see just water,
I see life. I live in Ørestad, a part of
Copenhagen with my boyfriend and my cat, Mustica.
We make a great team. I read novels in Danish
because my Danish is not yet super good. Reading is a good way to improve it. One of the things that is special about
the way you study here is the group work. Most of the final assignments
are handed in as a group. What’s also special is that you can
customize your studies quite a lot and gain skills and competencies in different
areas you might be interested in. And then, the lectures,
I can say that DTU has got a great team of very experienced
and talented professionals. Water is our most precious resource. Its properties vary so much
from one place to another and yet we don’t know so much about it. It’s so powerful, rich
and it holds so much life. To me, it means a lot to be able to work
to protect the marine environment.

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