Layering Dye Ink

Hey everybody! In today’s video I am trying out a new blendable dye based ink from ColorBox. These inks come in a set of twelve, and I wanted to do a couple of my normal dye based ink tests with them. So they come in a cool octagonal container, and they do stack really nicely – nice tight stack that doesn’t fall over. I’m going to try out a couple of things here, first is just the wrinkle free distress or ink smashing depending on what you like to call it. The technique where you just smush the inks onto any non-porous surface. I’m using my Ranger craft mat and then I’m going to spritz them with water and then spritz them with a little more water because I didn’t think I had enough to begin with. I’ve got some Arches hot press watercolor paper that I’ll just pick that ink up with. I’m using three colors, which I will list below, and I’m going for sort of an aquatic background for a cute little critter that I have. So while the ink is wet I wanted to test its lifting properties, so I’m going to try two stencils, first, I love this little tiny dots stencil – I wanted to give the appearance of bubbles, and I have a clean damp absorber that I’m just blotting through the stencil with, and I’m going to lift that up and sure enough it does lift the ink if you’re just adding a little bit of water through a stencil, so that’s nice, it is water reactive. Then I wanted to add waves. I love this little wave stencil – I’ll link you to this as well. So I wanted to go back and see if it would lift after the ink had dried a little bit. It’s dried on its own but it also dried through me lifting it through the first stencil, and you can see there’s not much there from the second stencil so it grabs the paper after it’s dry and you can work on top of it so it becomes sort of a workable layer. This would be good I think for art journaling if you wanted to use those reactive properties to build your first layer, but then still be able to work on top of it without moving it. To me it’s similar to Derwent inktense pencils – so they’re water movable when they’re wet and then they’re set when they’re dry and those pencils are more like an ink then a watercolor pencil. I went back and decided to spray water through the first stencil to see if I could lift that way, by adding a little bit more water and you can see it’s really pretty set, so I think this would be a great art journaling or Bible journaling ink, because you can build layer on layer. Now I wanted to add a little bit more color and a little bit more texture down in that corner. I had a little too much white space for my liking. This was the first sunny day in a really long time. We’ve had those tropical storms and so sorry if my work surface gets a bit bright from time to time. I do work right in front of a window, but I am very happy to see the sunshine in real life or on a video. Now I wanted to try watercoloring both with these, and using them as the ink for the stamped image. I have this adorable Narwhal and I’m going to stamp it in the graphite color, and I’m going to see how it holds up to water for a stamped image. So I will ink this little guy up – either way I’ll be happy because if the ink does move it’ll be a no line coloring session. If it doesn’t, I’ll have that outline of the image to go by and it’ll stay there. I’ll add a little bit more graphite to my craft mat, and I will add a little bit of water too. If you just spray water on your craft mat you can use that to watercolor with. I don’t typically use the water in the barrel of a blender pen. I like to pick it up – lets me have a little bit more control. As I’m painting over the narwhal, you’ll see the image underneath doesn’t move, so again this reinforces what I saw with the stencil – it can be used to watercolor an image with in those original lines that won’t move once it’s dry. So if you let your image dry it’ll stay there. I’m going to add a little bit of blue and a little bit of purple because this Narwhal is part unicorn after all, and needs a colorful mane. So I have this sped up a little bit, and the sun is getting in the way of you seeing the image, but you’ll see a photograph at the end. I’ll just add a little bit of shading around the edge and dry it with my heat gun before the next step which is going to be to emboss it. Now I’ve left the image set up on my MISTI, so that I could do this, and I’m going to use some embossing ink to just stamp right over the top of it. Even though you can still see the detail, I’d like it a little bit crisper and I can do that either with the ink or embossing and I felt like embossing today which is actually kind of rare for me. You don’t see me doing a lot of embossing in my videos. I always stamp with embossing ink a couple of times – it’s just a habit that I’m in and I think it makes for crisper images. This is Brutus Monroe Raven embossing powder. This is an ultra fine embossing powder that I really like, and it is wax free so it doesn’t spoil in my hot climate which is always an issue. Now look how cute that is with the black outline and all of the water coloring with the ink is preserved. So now I can just close that up and emboss. If you forget to close it up, you’ll have quite an adventure on your hands – ask me how I know! Now I have a small paintbrush that I will remove any spare grains of embossing powder from the image – if this drives you crazy you can always just stamp in black and emboss in clear on top of it, but I find if you just take a minute and do this you can satisfy all your OCD tendencies and have a clean looking image. Just keep some fine paintbrushes around that you don’t really use for anything else this is a good time to pull out those sale brushes that you got it 50% off and use them for nothing else but this. I felt like this needed a little bit more shading, so I’m picking up the ink and you can see it doesn’t disturb the layers underneath when you add a little bit more on top which I really, really like because being able to layer a watercolor even if you’re using ink and not watercolor is important, so you would be able to layer colors with the same and I find that super fun. So here’s the background and here is the finished card! head over to my blog or Splitcoaststampers for more information on these inks and thanks so much for watching!

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