Learn Colors with Fun Sea Animals for Children Nursery Rhymes

Learn Colors with Fun Sea Animals for Children Nursery Rhymes Welcome back boys and girls today we have a tray with one two Three four five sections in it. Let’s add some water to those five sections There we go now all five are filled with water let’s change their color Let’s start with pink Pink let’s put a drop of pink Right here One drop Now let’s stir it up Wow look how pretty that pink is We have a gray seal Let’s put our grey seal into our pink water. Oh He looks at home Now let’s get the colour orange Orange let’s put orange right here One drop two drops Now let’s stir it up That’s a really pretty orange orange We have a balloon dolphin to put into our orange water dolphin Our next color is purple Let’s put purple right there One drop Let’s stir that purple color up ooh Look how pretty the purple is purple Wow, we have a black and white Orca Just put our black and white Orca into our purple water Look what we have here. We have the color yellow. Let’s put yellow right back there One drop Now let’s stir that yellow drop up Yellow We have a red fish It’s a red Tang fish Let’s put our red tank fish in the yellow water There we go, we have one more spot to fill let’s fill it with the color teal Teal One drop Let’s stir it up. Oh so pretty Teal and we’re gonna put a white polar bear into our teal water White polar bear Well, we learned pink Orange Purple Yellow and teal. We also learned feel Dolphin Orca tang and polar bear Thanks for joining me, I’ll see you next time. Bye

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