Learn Sea Animals and Ocean Animals | Videos for Kids Clownfish, Shark, Whale

Hi Surprisers! Today, we’re gonna learn about ocean animals dolphin Humpback whale Shark Look at those teeth! There’s so many Black and white Orca so cute Frog Squirt From Finding Nemo He’s so adorable Kathy She’s from Finding Nemo too Red crab Pufferfish It’s so spikey! a gray manatee a baby sea turtle a baby dolphin Whoa! Did you see those googly eyes!? So cool a blue whale [shaking] I hear something inside! Let’s open it and check! Wow! It’s a goldfish An orange goldfish Awesome! a blue sawtooth shark a pink shark Woah! See what’s inside! a pink fish with black and white stripes Alright Surprisers! I think the shark is full! Thanks so much for helping me feed the shark! Thanks for watching guys. Remember to subscribe. See you in our next video!

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