Learn Sea Animals for Kids in Blue Pool, Shark, Whale, Horse, Clownfish, Toys

Octopus crocodile baby shark Nemo Sperm whale blue whale Yellow duck Sea turtle Octopus Clownfish Crocodile manatee albino alligator Tiger Barracuda Yellow fish Giraffe Koi fish Dog Penguin Iguana Baby shark Raccoon Beetle Polar bear Koala cat Sheep Lion Dory Nemo Humpback whale Cow Turtle Baby dolphin Kathy Baby sea turtle Mako shark Hyena Hawk Porcupine Wild Boar Alligator Red Frog Green frog Komodo dragon Camel Sperm whale Gorilla Baby cheetah Grasshopper Shark Blue whale Dog Rabbit Baby dolphin Lion Starfish Sloth Red-crab Basking shark dolphin goldfish Buffalo Sawtooth shark Thanks for watching guys! Remember to subscribe! See you in our next video!

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