Leaving Things In A Hot Car For A Month

– What happens when you
leave scrambled eggs in a hot car for a month? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat music) – Good mythical summer! – Don’t miss the big end of summer sale happening over at
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– We’re not making these anymore? – Get ’em while they’re
here, before they’re gone, and they’re on sale through July 31st. – As you know on this show we like to leave things in things and see what happens, that’s why we have a shelf
that we leave things on called the shelf that we leave things on. But today we have a different idea. – Yes, little backstory. Few years ago when I went
back home to North Carolina, some friends provided a car for me to use that they hadn’t used all summer, but what they had done is leave
a whopper in it all summer. – On purpose? – Oh no, it was accidental. They took it out, they cleaned it up, but the whopper had left its mark, it is a smell I will never forget, it was horrible, but totally inspiring. – So, we bought a car for the sole purpose of leaving things in it. We call it the car that
we leave things in. – I call it a 1993 Infinity G20. – We’ve done coke, bleach, air, Guinness, salt, pool water, nail
polish remover, mouth wash, champagne, shamrock
shakes and Irish whiskey, and now we’re testing
the scientific properties of a sun bake hooptie. It’s time for left in a
hot car, hot car edition. – We’ll be presented
with two or more items that were left inside the ’93 G20 that was left under the sweltering Burbank sun for an entire month, and then we’re gonna be
presented with a specific result and we have to guess which
item that applies to. If we get less than three right we’ll have to wear fuzzy dice earmuffs and truck nut necklaces
in Good Mythical More. – Oh this is gonna be great, I think my voice was left in the hot sweltering sun for a month ’cause I have a cold. – Let’s do it. (whooshing) (screams) Okay so we’re getting
started with red wine. – And white wine, left
in a hot car for a month. And it gets hot out there
in that parking lot. – But what are the options, or which one of these things
experienced the following. Which wine turned into
a soft, shimmery goo, like a My Little Pony at the glue factory. – Oh is that what they do to ’em? The red wine or the white
wine, or both is an option. – Huh, tricky. – Okay. – [Both] Soft shimmery goo. – It seems to be more stuff inside of red wine than white wine, that’s just how I think of it. – Well you think that
because you’re right. Red wine has skins in it. – I’m saying red, not white. – They stamp with the skins on ’em. – Yeah, so we’re saying red. – Shirts and skins, going with skins, so we’re saying red wine turned into a soft shimmery goo. – Now which one are we opening first? Both at the same time? – Yeah.
– Three, two, one. Oh my word.
(buzzer drones) – No, no, no, no, no, no, no. – First of all how is this white wine? – [Rhett] Look at that. – [Link] It’s the same, the same. – [Rhett] But there’s a
little bit more in this. And a residue. – Okay we’ve gotta,
we’ve gotta stir this up. – I’m just gonna grab it with pincers. – What? Look. – And just. – [Link] Oh my gosh. (Rhett yells) It’s a. – [Rhett] Look, look at that link. – [Link] Oh, I’m making a fortune cookie. – Get a smell of that. – Whoa! Smells like Vegemite. – It smells like … It smells kind of good. I wanna put it in my mouth. – Do it. – [Rhett] No. – Come on man for science. – Look, look, I let go, and it’s glued. (soft snapping) (crew chuckling) We’ve invented glue. (whooshing) (screams) Okay we’ve got three
different items in this round. – Uncracked egg, cracked
egg, and scrambled egg. And that’s what they look like– – You made a mess.
– If they’re not in a car for a month, but our
option for one of them turned completely brown like Rhett’s mouth when it was filled with my chocolate pea. (laughing) Let’s keep hearkening back to that. – I remember that. – Was it the cracked,
scrambled or the raw egg that turned completely brown? It was only one of these, right? – [Crew] Yep. – Yes they say. I gotta clean up the mess I made. – Completely brown. My instinct is that the scrambled eggs would just go completely brown because they’re already
like halfway there. – It goes to hot in there
like cracking an egg, that thing is gonna cook. – Saying the scrambled
egg has already cooked. – Already cooked. – So it’s all the same
color so it seems like it is a better canvas for
turning completely brown. – We agree that the uncracked egg is probably not gonna do anything, but we are gonna crack
it and see what happens. – I’ll tell you one time I touched a rotten egg as a child, and it exploded so I have, there’s a lot, trauma associated with that so
I’ll let you touch that one. – Okay. I agree, I think it’s the scrambled egg that went brown because
it was already cooked. So let’s take these off one at a time. What is under that one? That is a brown, which one is that? – That’s just the
straight up cracked eggs. – Seriously, well that turned brown, (buzzer drones)
so we were wrong. This got turned into granola. – [Rhett] That’s the scrambled eggs. – [Link] Is that the scrambled eggs? I can’t even tell. – That’s the scrambled eggs? That turned brown. – So this must be the
uncracked egg, nothing, yeah. Okay. – Well hold on, I don’t, I mean. This is a lot browner. – Browner, completely brown. (laughs) Completely brown.
– Okay. – [Link] So we were wrong. – [Rhett] Well, we were kind wrong. – Let’s dissect this crap man. – It’s super, super dark so we’ll say that is the
one that is the brownest. – All right, so, this is a
knife, but it’s a little knife. Oh my gosh that is so hard! – Oh, it’s like egg crystals. – It’s crystallized, look at this. Look at that. – [Rhett] Oh egg crystals, you know what? – It’s translucent, it’s like amber. – It’s almost smell-less. – Now this stuff here is wicked looking, look at that granola. You just wanna chew on that
when you’re on the trail. – We gotta bust open that egg, man. You’re delaying the inevitable. – No. – Just pierce it. – That’s what this is for. – Oh, just a needle? – You’ve got me scared. (crew laughing) – You should be man,
that thing just popped. It was a fertilized egg too. – It’s gonna stink right? I mean we’ve all read Charlotte’s web. (crew laughing) – Or at least listened to the audio book. – Three, two, one. (soft banging) Three, two, one. (soft banging) Nothing coming out. (crew chuckling) – You gotta cut it with something, I mean you’re not really supposed
to touch the scalpel but– (whacks)
Oh, oh. (tapping)
(cracking) (tapping) (crew laughing) (clinks) Now just break it open. – What is that? What is this alien? Oh, it’s gummy. You love gummy. Look a there. – Okay, I’m gonna smell it. (crew laughing) It’s kinda subtle. – It gives you the face shakes, man. – [Rhett] Ugh, smell that. – Now I’ve got a cold so I don’t know if I’mma be able to smell it. – It just smells like. – Ugh. – It smells like a century egg. – Yeah.
– I think we’ve made ourselves a month egg. (crew chuckling) – I’m gonna chop her in half. – It boiled. It basically boiled. It’s probably safe to eat. It’s probably safe it eat Link. – [Link] That’s cool. – ‘Cause I don’t think bacteria
can get inside of an egg. – To me, this is the crazy. That granola, I did not know
that’s how granola was made. (whooshing)
(bubbling) (screams) Okay so we got some cheap sunglasses. – And a sandal. Which one of these things
got all bent out of shape like Gumby practicing the Karma Sutra with Stretch Armstrong? – Oh, practice makes perfect. – All bent out of shape. There’s more than can go wrong with a pair of glasses, let’s be honest. – But here’s the thing, sunglasses are made to be in the sun. Maybe nothing happened to ’em at all. – And sandals are for inside only. – Not in this fashion forward age Rhett. – I feel like sandals are made to be like on the black top, y’know what I’m saying? They get hotter. Yeah, mm-hmm. – [Link] You think they get hotter huh? – Mm-hmm. And your feet are the
hottest part of your body, everybody knows that. Especially on me. – Well I’m not gonna disagree with that. – Thanks. – It’s not that I like your feet, it’s that I think you’re ugly. (laughs) – I mean it doesn’t take much for a cheap pair of sunglasses
to get bent out of shape. – So you’re voting for– – This is already flat, what
else could happen to that? – Yeah, I agree, I think
it’s the sunglasses. Official answer, sunglasses. Three, two, one. (whooshes) Oh gosh.
(buzzer drones) Oh my goodness, we were totally wrong. – Hold on. – The sunglasses are– – Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. – Unchanged. – This created something that
we should immediately sell in a vending machine in Tokyo. – Can I? I mean it looks like
you could really sprint in one of these things. – See if you can get it on. – See if you can get it on? – Yeah. – Let’s get it on, oh goodness. Nope, that’s not really working. Not really working, not here. (whacks) – You’re gonna break your own toe. – Not here, not in Tokyo. (yelling)
(bells ringing) So we are oh for three, man this new format of this game is really stumping us left and right.
– You got us. – But maybe now you can just
wear it the other direction. I don’t know, there’s
gotta be a use for this. – Baby shoes. (whooshing)
(bubbling) (screams) – So we left a whole thing of tofu open to the air in the car. – And a string of beef. – You’re like what’s a string of beef? – It’s just a string with beef on it. – That’s it, stop asking
so many questions. – This is just–
– Badgering us. – One piece, but there were several pieces that were left. String of beef, y’know. Y’know the string of beef. – And Lucas informed us
that the hottest it got inside of the car was
210 degrees Fahrenheit. – That’s almost unbelievable. – And he said that was only on
a day when it was 85 degrees. So something about the– – The greenhouse effect. – The confection affection. – Confection? – All right–
– That’s like the sugary thing. – Bakey makey effect, I don’t know. So which one of these things changed color and smells rancid, oh gosh, like a mood ring in a dog’s butthole? That is true. – How would you even know? – Does change color and smell rancid. – Huh, how would you even
know what that was like? – This dog (clacks) is very … – Oh gosh.
– Emotional. – Rancid. – I mean the beef is gonna go rancid. Well you hang beef in a– – I feel like the beef turned into jerky, I think that’s gonna be edible. – You think this tofu became stinky tofu? – Mm-hmm. – And like firmament? – I mean I’ve been wrong every time though so I feel like we should
go with the opposite of what I decide. – Or I could decide. – Yeah, but I’m saying
it’s a pretty good bearing to just go with the opposite
of what I’m thinking. – [Link] It’s gotta be the tofu right? – Well I think it’s the tofu
so that’s probably wrong. – Well then how are we gonna decide? – You make the decision, I don’t care. – Tofu. – We’ve already lost, we’re
already gonna have truck nuts on in Good Mythical More. – Three, two, one. No. Oh goh, something stinks,
and it ain’t that. (dings) This, ugh. (coughs) – Yeah that smells good. Not really but not bad. – [Link] You smell this? Look in there, that is just blackened– (retches)
(coughs) – Oh gosh, oh. Ugh you better be glad you’re sick bro. – [Link] It smells like roadkill. – We gotta cut it though. – You know how if you’re
like walking your dog and you’re like, you don’t see anything but you smell something
and it’s like hitting wall of like skunk nasty? This is–
(grunts) Cracker texture. I’m gonna use the Mickey Mouse tool, and I’m just gonna. – Oh look at that. (grunting) – Oh, it’s–
– Oh my gosh. – [Rhett] It’s like gelatinous. – [Link] It’s like caramel. – All right now just take a little piece, fresh broken piece and put it right up next to your noise. (coughs) – Oh I just did dude. – Just right, right, right, right, right. (broken yelling)
This’ll clear you up man! This is better than that
over the counter bull crap you’ve been putting in your nose. – Why am I listening to you? Get that away from my face. – Hey we were right, you were right Link. – Oh my gosh.
– Oh gosh, it’s man, it’s y’know what? I’ve never directly
smelled a dog’s butthole but I can imagine that
that’s what it smells like if you get close enough. – Yeah but this, this is not like beef jerky because this stuff kinda just pulls apart. It’s very brittle. Whatever it is, oh gosh,
everybody’s making these faces. – We need to get this outta here. Of course, we also left Link’s glasses in a hot car for a month. – Oh, so that’s where those have been. – All right, we’ll be wearing truck nuts and earmuffs in Good Mythical More. Thanks for liking,
commenting and subcribing. – You know what time it is? – I’m Ashley. – I’m Kaia. – And we live in Utah. – [Both] And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality! – Hey guys! – Long time mythical beast here. Click the top link to find out what happened to the
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