Legend Mike Hellweg’s Fish Room Tour – Planted Aquariums & Aquatic Plants

what’s up fish tank people
fishtanktv.com dustinsfishtanks bringing you another sick fish room from st.
Louis check this out folks come over at like hell Whigs house he’s written
articles for tropical fish highways I would like to go down the stairs because
everybody can see kind of like how I walk into these and there’s the man
hello you could say I its replacement you’re talking yeah
we’re going in here Mike give me a quick the quick tour around in here I know
you’re in the middle of moving and that’s that’s all good I walked in there
like so where’s the rest of it then you turn the corner here mr. Gary Lang so
we’re in here man what do we got going on what do we got
over here what are these guys thank you huh
you got a little rare Mexican good deed here that’s corrected on the odd ax and
then there’s another little Mexican good deed and then that just to make sure I
didn’t neglect the Africans you’ve got the public a chromosomal listen you can
see there’s a female inside the Cape there how nice they got the gravel piled
up against it to kind of give them a little protection all the live bears
right and then I got some of these I thought I got some of these in Peru what
are what are these that’s Perlina previs okay and Pierre
Elena’s I remember yeah no really enough that is balonus and Pierre Lina’s are
neat because they spawn on the leaves like a little cichlid in the mail garden
jump up on them and then no no these guys these guys don’t jump the Cabela’s
jump like that’s a splash tetra that’s a film a okay and they actually lay their
eggs underneath the the lid very cool what else we got over here euro and
you’re all about you got the little lot of the little fish you yeah a lot of
little fish you can tell on my nice clean tank
hey we listen everybody’s got taxes a little dirt on them what we got up in
these are some natives that I collected that’s a cardinal shiner and then a
couple of fat those are some red fin shiners and that’s Morris right here mix
of fun little tatras and a pissed I was in there and a couple little raised
floors and this is a native plant here which collapsed last night when I was
pulling fish out of here but this is that justice I was talking about
at the auction oh cool it’s actually I’m layering it so as you can see at each
inner note it’s putting up a new little plant with oh cool supposed to be a pond
coming inside and then just a bunch of mixed tetras over here and then these
ones are the Peru gold stripe correct it’s correct Wow
those are cool do you get those in from Iquitos so where’d those meadow this
writer from my local breeder he doesn’t like shipping fish hello here
in st. Louis yeah nice those are cool you selling these on aquavit or what
yeah what’s your handle on aqua bid I’m spinning FIM and if any on aqua bid
loving that what else we got over here what were those good deeds you had that
little red good deal when I show that yeah there’s the mail back there and
that’s uh as my nephew calls them they come from a location called Guadalupe
Aguilera and my nephew 14 year old nephew called him Christina Aguilera
there you go let’s roll over here and then I want to
go out to your display room very I like too bad this one here with the yellow
back yeah oh wow I didn’t say I want that red fin
back yeah those are cool or just it’s a really sharp don’t we keep in planning
just you do the high female-to-male ratio are you much here with most of
them that are coming in now there are mostly males I don’t know if they’re
pulling back two females or if they’re hormone treating him you get a very
smart out of that group of eight I only got one female Wow
it’s a rough life for her yeah I gotta show this guy right here
yeah and you got to suggest I always like to
ask people how they filter this all central air it’s all central air that
one little pump is running everything oh really I got one of those in my crown I
love those yeah that’s great hey we’re having a conversation over it and right
next to it talked on the phone yeah yeah those are great
rollin I’m switching over cue all these manta filters and all the tanks and we
were talking about this this is actually we call it they call it the Berlin
filter or the Hamburg filled hamburger man food so how it works is it it pulls
though you have a pump behind either air pump or some sort of water flow out and
then it pulls everything in this way and then when you breed fish wherever you
can always find stuff behind so a fun thing you get another example of out
here around here I love these little guys yeah this is an old style better
tank I’d like to get those in there here’s a bigger version of it oh wow and
when I don’t catch that one don’t see the fry are all feeding off of it of
course we just scare them well hey good they’re out and what are
these what are these fish that’s a Heracles Tama so cleanses they come from
central Mexico wow those are cool and you got two sets of them three there’s
actually three pairs in there there’s a pair here that’s got wigglers she’s you
can see her tail sticking out there this is obviously the dominant pair here
they’ve got half the tank there’s the third air in the middle wonderful and
then we were talking about these help me out so that’s ended on it’s multi punked
out okay Molly funk taught us okay and then there’s another example of the
filter we were discussing and then these are they explain to people that the
cuckoos spawning or how that works my buddy Brian had it but they essentially
spawn when the other corresponding yeah basically when the cichlids spawn the
catfish kind of hang around on the outside and then they raced through when
the female blade is going around to pick up the eggs and they’ll lay their eggs
and grab and eat the cichlid eggs so the cichlids pick up the catfish eggs
instead of cichlid eggs and then the mother mouth proves the the catfish eggs
and raises the baby catfish and my favorite part that I’ve seen so
far the Bristol super bumpkins I love these I’ve seen
photos of these trying to figure out a way to get one of them home with me here
the they’ve got I mean give us your spiel on the British bumpkin so I mean
they have to be nope obviously no been in the fin what more colours what’s the
give us the again basically what you’re looking for is a fish that’s more like
this one here it’s got the the four colors the blue the red the black and
the white okay and you can see that you know on these
bronze coloured ones the other thing with the Bristol Street
bumpkins the other secret everybody always calls the bronze ones and then
they have trouble breeding the calicoes in order to keep the Calico going very
well you need to breed the bronze into it every once in a while Oh keep the
plain colored ones in there with them it’s just a really pretty fish and this
was the first time I had ever seen him in my life
unfortunately my strain has developed a notch at the top of the caudal fin that
you don’t see on most of them are you’re not supposed well it’s I mean that’s the
whole yes so I mean like so that one technically has the the notch and I
don’t yet see buddy but it’s you know fish though so if you purchased all you
didn’t bring any of these these are except for the biggest one these are and
two tiny ones with the red on them all the rest of them the ones that I’ve
raised Wow those are great man yeah I love the way
that they have the the fins just around just the different different night is
really cool because I’ve seen I’ve seen photos of mine ever actually seen him in
person caught my eye right away and then our favourites the old are these just
the convex these are hundred and red points saundra and red points excuse me
yeah these are closely related in the same same genus but these are still an
undescribed species okay and these were collected originally this is my oh yeah
with the generation now in this tank these were collected by rusty Wessel
back in the early 90s and I’ve had him ever since this probably think it’s the
convict no no no no not anywhere near his pleasure and as
you can see I’ve got three pairs in this tank and there are sort tails in here
and catfish and there’s no torn fins or anything so they’re nowhere near as
aggressive okay and then in here one of my first items and again love of oh look
there you go nice garden eggs what size of this I mean obviously they’re
spawning at that size yeah they’ll get a little bit bigger they get to be about 5
inches Bob Bauer had one monster and I saw go up here these are actually wild
caught white clouds so they’re not quite as easy to breathe this the ones that we
have in the tanks now they look pretty uh pretty good though once it’s just a
mix of a couple different little tetras this is a little lush well Shelton
Weller from Lake Tanganyika how do you do you do maintenance on these you this
I see you got across the floor yeah basically I’ve got a five gallon bucket
with a line that goes to the floor drain and is drain into that said I love these
right you kids right here yeah probably my favorite Bowl fit really yeah those
are sweet they’re I love their round body yeah and you keeping them in with
Cory Tom I don’t they don’t care what’s the type of queries are though that’s
corydoras turn a CW oval three doesn’t have a common name or a scientific name
Wow what’s that little spotted guy back there that is a speed Oris species CW
111 I’ve got some more of those in the fish room and another thing I love these
little low boys right here nice and this is a good example of a Hamburg filter
what all we got in here and we just got some little various little babies
growing out whereas Boras little live bears more little libraries and this is
a pair of better Persephone actually you’ve got a male that’s got a nest in
this log here oh cool build a big nest nice little piece of Anubis is actually
called the dwarf betta so that’s why there you can see there by the size of
my finger there’s really tiny zoom in there and then what do we got done here
some sort of a Shelly yeah that is a lamprey locust multipass eos or Neil
laughter locust multi-class Giada’s and the weird thing about this tank is that
I’ve got natural shells on this side and I’ve got the PVC pipe on this side and
these are the dominant fish they built this mountain here in the center these
fish cannot cross over or these guys will attack them huh
but these guys can go over here without a problem really and you can see all the
detritus and everything gets piled up over on this side which is really funny
so these guys can go over yeah but not the other way not the other way and then
what I’ll do is I pull these shells out now
clean out the you know take out some of the fish and you can take the shells out
and or the PVC pipe out open them up and you can get the females out real easily
that way because once they get into a shell you can’t get them out so because
he’s actually a better way to go for that yeah if you’re trying to breed them
to sell them and then what happens is this side I’ll catch all the fish that
are over here and then within about a week these some of these guys have
migrated over and then all of a sudden they become the ones that can’t goes
back over so it’s like the other side of the tracks yeah exactly exactly
all right then you got a project out of you over here as well
good deal that’s all the tanks that are going going back into this room huh
I like the fish room the other room and then over here nice mix endlessly you
have Barb’s and Danielle’s and Tetris fuse little cichlids awesome and then
some very old corridors part Vedas well Mike I’m I’ve read your stuff in tfh man
you got any high-level like 101 advice for the fishtank people just general
advice that you could say to anybody watching here and just keep him finished
what I always tell people are there are three things to success
good food do your water changes every week how big I always do 50% I do 50% on
every tank every week and the fry tanks I do 50% two or three times a week and
then the last thing is live plants in the tank live plants in the high plains
it doesn’t matter what it is as you can tell most of my plants are java moss
java fern that kind of stuff but you know whatever you want to do a lot of
tanks I’ll just pot plants and put them in I actually have something from last
night that I still have two meetings there you go Baghdad that’s that’s the
three things you do those three things good food water changes and then live
plants and you’ll succeed awesome Mike thanks a ton for having me over man
thanks doesn’t know I’m an tank on everybody

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