LEGO Balloon CRASHED on Roof

(electronic dance music) – Alright, today we’re
doing behind the scenes. Come on in, yeah! We’re doing behind the scenes, for the Rebrickulous lego shoot. We’re at the Lego house right now, Dan doesn’t know that I’m
filming with his camera. You ready Linc? – Yeah.
– This entire building looks like a giant Lego, it’s insane. Alright, we’re gonna film Dan. It’s weird cause normally
when Dan and Lincoln film it’s just us, you know, with a camera and one little microphone, but now we have like this
whole production crew. So it’s interesting to
see how the professionals do it with their huge productions. (electronic dance music) ♪ Got no money on my mind ♪ ♪ tell my mommy I’m alright ♪ ♪ Even laughin’ at the jokes you tell me ♪ ♪ Keep myself inside the lines ♪ ♪ Leaving tired all the time ♪ ♪ If you ask me I am fine ♪ ♪ Got no money on my mind ♪ – Red room, scene one. – Did you know that you can combine six Legos, six two by four
Legos, just like this, nine hundred million times
in different combinations. It’s ridiculous, I don’t understand. That’s a lot. Oh there’s three of ’em. – [Dan] Check out these dinosaurs. – [Lincoln] Oh, I like
that one on the end. (imitating a dinosaur roar) This one looks realistic. – See this little thing
of Legos down here? You get to build your own fish, this currently is my fish right here. And then we have this scanner. I take my little Lego here, move this, set it in the scanner, scan my wristband, it’s got my name there, perfect. Scan it. Perfect. We should see him swim out of here. (laughing) Look at that. Look at that. That’s pretty fun. (electronic dance music) Dan and Lincoln are walking
around this massive Lego house where Legos are built everywhere into giant T-Rexes, mountain
scapes, fishes, aquariums, and they’re working with
the Rebrickulous team to find different clues and solve like this treasure hunt type of thing. – See, this is what I want. That’s what I want, but
this color as a shirt. – [Zack] Dan and Lincoln
are over there just creating themselves in Lego pieces. (electronic dance music) – We just came on top of the roof, we’re filming our video for Rebrickulous it’s really fun, so you
gotta check that out. But, we’re literally on the roof and look at this, it’s like rubber floor. – It’s still moving! – Surfboard themed. Oh my gosh, that doesn’t feel safe. Over here we’ve got the red playground and then the walls all look like bricks. Oh, I was wondering what
this was made out of, just recycled rubber. – I thought it went like a curved thing so I like jumped up, I could have fallen. – We’re heading up to the
stairs, up to the top. Oh man, this is the part,
we’re gonna hopefully be able to insert some drone shots here. We’re trying to get
approval from the airport to fly the drone so we
can get like an intro for their video, but check this out. Glass, scary. Walking on the Lego glass right now. Oh, look at you. Wow I didn’t think you’d actually do it. – What? – Glass, if you fall–
– Look how thick that glass is! – You could fall, so what? – [Dan] Whoa. – So pokey. – [Dan] Clear the wall, jump. – Okay! – So he’s got this giant Inspire
like devinsupertramp has, he’s gonna try to fly it. The airport (sneezing) the airport is right there, so we just got approval. It looks like maybe he
has goggles on the front that he can see things. (electronic dance music) (drone drowns out shouting) – This is the part of the day where we sit in a room, a glass box
with no AC, and sweat. Because the drone is
getting beautiful shots, if we can get that shot
we’ll put it in here. (electronic dance music) – We just wrapped up the filming
of the Rebrickulous video it was really fun and
check out their video. It was a fun adventure. – [Dan] Did you see the peeing dog? – Yeah. – Oh, the dog’s– – Lincoln, don’t touch it’s
face while it’s peeing. That’s so rude. You get to build your own fish.

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