List of Minnesota aquatic plants | Wikipedia audio article

Aquatic plants native to Minnesota:==Algae==
Chara Filamentous algae
Phytoplankton Stonewort==Emergent plants==
Bulrushes Cattails
Flowering rush Invasive aquatic plant Purple loosestrife Invasive aquatic plant
Wild rice==Floating-leaf plants==
Duckweed and watermeal Spatterdock
Swamp smartweed Watershield
White water lily Yellow lotus==Submerged plants==
Broad-leaf pondweeds Bushy pondweeds and naiads
Canada waterweed Coontail
Curly-leaf pondweed Invasive aquatic plant Eurasian watermilfoil Invasive aquatic plant
Narrow-leaf pondweeds Northern watermilfoil
Wild celery==See also==
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