Little Fish- Part 4

Down with nitrogen! My home, Millers Pond, is 21 acres of beauty nestled among elm and oak trees Where the breeze caresses rings of ripples on the surface Where the world is young with life and the only sound is the animals communicating Where the damp grass smells of aquatic life and the rising sun brings fly swarms in the air. The visage of my home is tranquil in the glimmering light of dawn. I share my home with the many birds, ducks and geese, turtles, large mouth bass, bluegill sunfish, perch, and catfish. These many fish provided food for the Nesaquake peoples. And my home provides the children a place to learn and grow with their surroundings, to see the beauty the life in the water as the sun lights its bottom. But now we are hurting- from too much nitrogen and phosphorus in the water causing algae to grow faster than our ecosystem can handle Nitrogen enters my home from storm drain runoff and many other pollutants, like fossil fuel and dog waste Nitrogen is causing algae to over-grow, causing stagnation, which removes oxygen from the water. Our fish cannot breath or grow, which sadly ends

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