Littlefield exploring new options for Aquatic Center

TERRI THE CITY OF LITTLEFIELD IS NOT GIVING UP ON A PLAN FOR AN AQUATIC CENTER. THE CENTER HAS NOT RECEIVED ENOUGH MONEY IN DONATIONS. OUR KLBK’S ALLYSA TELLEZ EXPLAINS WHAT NEW ALTERNATIVES THE CITY IS LOOKING AT TO GET THE POOL. ALLYSA THE CITY STILL WANTS TO MAKE THAT AQUATIC CENTER A REALITY. THE CITY HAD BEEN RELYING ON DONATIONS FROM WATER BILLS TO FUND THE CENTER, AND HAVE TWO OPTIONS ON THE TABLE RIGHT NOW. 00:05-00:11 eric turpen 00:22-00:27 lance broadhurst A SIGN IS THE ONLY THING LEFT OF THE CITY OF LITTLEFIELD’S PLAN TO OPEN A POOL “the fact of the matter is there just hasn’t been enough people donating to get to any real amount of money.” THEY DECIDED RELY ON DONATIONS TO FUND THE POOL. BUT CAME UP SHORT OF THEIR $1.2 MILLION DOLLAR GOAL. ONLY RASING A LITTLE MORE THAN 200- THOUSAND DOLLARS “Just this last city council meeting city council, the council wanted the parks comitteeto kinda get back together and review the possibilities of the pool and kind of how thats going.” BUT THEY’RE NOT GIVING UP JUST YET– “we may have the ability in about two years to have cash flow to be able to make bond payments ot even in several years of saving some money up that could potentially pay cash for the pool.” THE CITY STILL PLANS TO USE THE LAND THEY HAVE PURCHASED, NOT KNOWING WHAT THE BEST OPTION IS QUITE YET, “We have to sit back, everybody has to sit back an dlook at it with an open mind to say this is probably what’s best for the city of Littlefield.” ALLYSA THE PARKS COMMITTEE FOR LITTLEFIELD TELLS ME THEY SHOULD REACH A DECISION WITHIN A MONTH OR TWO TERRI THE WRECKAGE FROM SUNDAY’S ADDISON PLANE CRASH IS

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