– This never ends
well for the people that go out with cameras
and flashlights, does it? – [Mark] What do you see? Those are eyes. – It could be a sasquatch. (tribal music) Do you guys wanna see
something really scary? – [Mark] No? – Yes, you do. Come on, let’s go
down to the river. – [Mario] I don’t know if
this is such a good idea. – Oh, I’m about to show you guys the scariest thing
you have ever seen. I’ve been thinking
about this all day. I found one earlier,
but at night it’ll be a whole lot better. – [Mark] So where are
you really taking us? – To the river. – What? – You know, rivers at night
can be really pretty scary, so what we’re gonna do
is go all the way through the deep dark woods
and down to the river. Let’s find some creatures! (laughs evilly) – Ooh! – [Mark] What do you see? – Pair of eyes. – [Mario] Where? – You see that way out there? – [Mark] Where? Those are eyes. Let me see if I can
see it on camera. – What is that? Mario, what is that? – [Mark] Oh, I can
see him on camera. – Mario, wildlife biologist,
identify, identify. – [Mario] Those are eyes, guys. – [Mario] Uh, well, most
logical thing is a deer, but we are in bigfoot territory. – It could be a sasquatch. Come on, let’s go that way. – [Mark] We’re
being watched, guys. We’re being watched. – Mario, I can see the eyes. Oh, man, there’s like a
creepy old shed out here. – [Mark] Yup. – You don’t wanna
go in the shed. I think we’ve seen
too many horror movies to know how these all begin. It kinda feels like
that, doesn’t it? – [Mario] Yeah,
an old rusty shed. – An old shed in the middle
of nowhere in West Virginia. This never ends well for
the people that go out with cameras and
flashlights, does it? Yeah, you see all this
moisture in the grass? This means that they’re gonna
be out and about tonight. – [Mario] They? – It’s a really good sign, yes. – [Mario] There’s more than one? – There will definitely
be more than one, but all it’s gonna take is one to find out how bad the bite is. (suspenseful music) – [Mark] What was that? – Did you hear that? No, not your foot, it sounded
like rocks knocking together. – [Mario] What does that mean? – That’s actually a definitive
sign of sasquatch calling, but that’s not what
we’re after tonight. The odds of us seeing
bigfoot, slim to none. If we do see one,
we’re gonna film it, but we wanna get to the river,
and I can hear it from here. Come on, just over this ridge. Ooh, this is creepy. – [Mario] Looks like a beach. – [Mark] There’s the water. I thought I heard something, so – There’s all kinds
of reflective eyes. Alright, I need
a big, flat rock. – [Mario] To defend
ourselves with? – No, to look under. Not there, okay let’s venture
up this way a little bit. – [Mario] No, nothing. – Oh. Oh! – [Mario] What is it? – There’s one right here. – [Mario] What? – Ahh, there it is! Oh, gross! – [Mario] Where did it
go, where did it go? – Under the rock,
under the rock. Ah, I got it! Oh, it’s trying to bite me! There it is! – [Mario] What is that? – It’s a hellgrammite! Oh, mackerel, that’s
a big one, too! Phew, wow, alright guys. Well, if you remember
an Instagram post I made a few weeks ago of a
creature that looked (screaming) It’s biting me! Okay, they do bite,
there you have it! Everybody wanted to
know, do they bite? Yes, they do bite. It is latched onto
my finger right now. That hurts, but it’s
not breaking skin. It’s got a hold of me. Now, the hellgrammite,
can you see it okay there? It’s got a hold of me. The hellgrammite is actually the larva stage
of the dobsonfly. Now, the dobsonfly, you may
be thinking to yourself, oh, well is that
maybe some beautiful butterfly-type creature? No, it’s about as wicked
looking as this thing is, Only with big wings and
enormous front mandibles. However, those mandibles
aren’t strong enough to pinch and bite onto
anything like the larva stage. Now, I’m gonna turn
it slightly like this. Wow, it is just latched. Now, if the bite isn’t enough, what they will also
do to deter a predator is squirt a nasty-smelling
musk from their rear-end and it actually smells
just like human feces. – [Mario] Eww,
what, it smells like – Like poop, exactly like poop, and it has already squirted
musk all over my finger. Oh, it absolutely stinks. Biting down harder. That is about the most
alien-looking creature I think I have ever come across. Like something out of
the show Stranger Things. Okay, it’s been latched onto
my finger for a while now and what I’m gonna do is just
gently dip it into the water, now, they are semi-aquatic,
so putting it in the water isn’t going to cause any issues, but I do wanna get
it off of my finger. Alright, here, let me try this. Just gonna set it down gently, so, just like I get
crayfish off of me. Oh, he’s not letting go. Let go. Ow, it’s biting down harder! Ow, there it goes, got it, okay. Ow, it bit me again! – [Mario] Man. – There we go. – [Mario] Can’t catch a break. – Okay, now let’s
take a good look at the anatomy of this creature. Look at that underside. – [Mario] Wow, that is gnarly. – This is like a mix
between a scorpion, a centipede, a water
bug, and a tremor. – [Mario] Wait,
look at its mouth. That was on your finger. – Yeah, those front mandibles
right there, can you see that? Those were latched
onto my finger. – [Mario] Yikes. – And these two back appendages
there have hooks on them just like the rear
hooks on a centipede. See there how they
move backwards? (screaming) Ah, he’s got me right
underneath the fingernail. I’m gonna hold him there though. Alright, now he’s
hooked onto me. Oh, there, he let go. There, look at that. Oh, wow, that is so bizarre. – [Mario] I dunno how
you’re letting this happen. – Ow, it’s like an alien! Oh, it has all these
little hooks on its arms. – [Mario] That’s
the way it moves! It, like, slinks. – What’d I tell you? It’s like a living
nightmare, look at that! Oh, it’s hooked onto me. Ooh where’d it
go, where’d it go? Can you imagine what
it would be like to have one of these
things crawl into your ear? – [Mario] It’s gonna
eat your brain! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! (Coyote Peterson screams) – Ooh that actually
really hurts. I think it’s actually
poked a hole in my ear. What do you guys think? Hellgrammite ear rings? Could this be the new look? Is it dangling down from my ear? – [Mario] Oh, yeah. (Coyote Peterson screams) Could you turn to the? Oh, my gosh, hold
on, hold it there. What if it went in your brain? – Oh, my gosh, yeah, I
gotta get it off my ear. (screams) Wow your ears are a lot
softer than your finger! Mmm, that hurts. So, at this point, I pretty much just have to wait for it
to drop off on its own. – [Mario] So, you
can’t just take it off? – Well, if I touch
it or pull on it it’s going to just
bite down harder. – [Mario] Alright, let’s uhh, do you want me to
try to get it off? – Uhh, let me see. – [Mario] Oh, let’s see it! Show me your ear. Oh, wow, yeah. – Is it bleeding? – [Mario] It’s got a good crease and there’s a
little white speck. – Ouch. Well, I would say that
this, without question is the creepiest
looking creature that we have come across
here in West Virginia. I’m Coyote Peterson,
be brave, stay wild! We’ll see you on
the next location. Alright, back under your
rock little creeper. Often times, we fear
things that have a creepy and alien-looking appearance. Even I’ll admit, the moment I
found my first hellgrammite, I was incredibly
nervous to pick it up, especially with that set
of intimidating mandibles. However, in the end, I
think what we all learn is that, while this creature
may look intimidating, it’s non-venomous, and its bark
is far worse than its bite. Do you know what’s creepier
than one hellgrammite? 25 hellgrammites. – [Mario] What’s that for? – Well, what Mark doesn’t
know is that earlier today, when I was down by the river and I found my
first hellgrammite, I also found 25 of
them, and I’m gonna make Mark put his hand in
this bowl full of them. Hey, Mark! (background music
drowns out Mark) Really? Well, that’s cool, so you know
how earlier we started this and I was like, hey, you
know what I found today? – Mhmm. – Something really gross. – Yeah, I know,
the hellgrammites. – Yeah, hellgrammite, right? Super gross, well, I kinda
didn’t tell you the whole truth. – Okay. – I found one hellgrammite, and then I kept
flipping over rocks and I found 25 hellgrammites. – Dude. (Coyote Peterson laughs) – So, what I challenge
you to do right now – Oh, my gosh, you really did. – Is put your hand
into this bowl and see if you get
bitten by a hellgrammite. – No, no, no. – Yeah, come on! – No, no guys, come on, come on. – I was stung by a bullet
ant and I just want you to put your hand in
there for 60 seconds. – 60 seconds? – Yeah, you guys always tell me can you last for 60 seconds. Can you last for 60 seconds with your hand in a
bowl of hellgrammites? I’ll count it down
for you, ready? – Wait, who signed
me up for this? I didn’t agree to this. – Yeah, well, you know,
Mario and I were kind of like you know what would
be really fun? Getting Mark finally
bitten by something, and it’s not that bad. I was even bitten on the ear
and it didn’t break skin. – Let me see these. One, two, three, yeah. – There’s 25 of them. – Yeah, there’s
definitely 25 in there. That’s so gross. – Okay, so you know
what the line is, right? – No, I don’t, what is the line. – You gotta say your name, and I’m about to enter the bite
zone with the hellgrammite, and then you gotta just place
one of your hands in there and let them craw all
over you for 60 seconds. – I don’t know man, I mean, are you sure you
want me to film this? Mario, come on! – No, no, no, no, here,
give me your camera. – Alright, you’re gonna film it? – I’m not gonna film it, just so you don’t drop your
camera in case you get bitten. – [Mario] Yeah, let’s
get ourselves situated. Get on the ground, we’ll
have a little set-up – And we’re gonna do this just
like a normal scene, here. – Alright, I did find
a millipede by you. – Did you? – Let’s go. – We don’t care that
you found a millipede. We care about you getting
bitten by hellgrammites. – [Mark] Do you
have a good shot? – [Mario] Yeah. – I was kinda
hoping you’d say no. (laughs) – Here we go, alright coyote
pack, Mark is gonna do it. Director of Breaking Trail
is gonna enter the bite zone. – Okay, I’m Director Mark
and I’m about to enter the bite zone with
25 hellgrammites. Alright, I can’t watch this. – Put your hand
in there, come on. – One, two, three. – [Coyote Peterson]
None biting yet. – [Mark] Oh, it’s so creepy. – [Coyote Peterson] They’re
all up on you there. – [Mark] Oh, they’re
pooping on me. Ah, I just got bit! Oh, no, there’s another one. – [Coyote Peterson]
Keep your hand in there. Keep your hand in there. All the way in the bowl,
all the way in the bowl. That’s about 30 seconds. – [Mark] Ow, that’s
another bite! Oh, there’s another one
on the tip of my finger. Ow, there’s another bite! (Coyote Peterson laughs) Oh, they’re biting me. – [Coyote Peterson]
Dude, three, two, one, alright let them out! Oh, look at that, it’s
latching onto him. Now, smell your hand. – Oh, my gosh. Oh, Mario, smell my hand. – [Mario] Oh, no! – Well, there you have it! Good job, buddy, I’ll give
you a stinky high-five. – I’m like, shaking,
man, that’s like – It hurts a little bit, right? – No, it’s just
super, super creepy. – I saw that one really got the side of your
finger pretty good. – [Mark] Ah they’re biting me! – Well, we’re gonna let all
these little hellgrammites go back off into the wild and they’re going to
metamorphisize into dobsonflies. – And then they’re going
to be flying everywhere. – Absolutely. I think I just got
some that in my eye. – Alright, guys, I
gotta wash my hands. – There they go. Look at them go! If you thought being bitten
by the hellgrammite was nerve-wracking, make sure to
go back and watch the episode where a solpugid chomped
on my finger, yikes! And don’t forget, subscribe, so you can join me and the
crew on our next location. (growls) (howling)

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