London 2012 – Aquatics Centre roof halfway complete

Hi! I’m John from the ODA here at the Aquatics
Centre, where you can see that progress is going really well just now. We’re approximately half way through the construction
of the roof structure and as you can imagine with something as complex as this we have
bought in a specialist company to help deliver this vital section of the project. At this
point I’ll hand over to Craig who will explain this in a bit more detail. My name’s Craig Leonard, I work for Rowecord
Engineering on the Aquatics Centre. The team we’ve bought from Wales are myself; leading
as Project Manager on site, I’ve got my Site Manager, we have a few supervisors on site
and a number of erectors and painters which we’ve bought with us which form our team. We’re based in Newport in Wales. At the moment
due to the size of these trusses, they’re coming down with our site trailers. They are
being sub-assembled at the north area of the site, and then they’re lifted with the three
cranes. Constantly we’re monitoring the structure
due to the thermal movement, especially hot days like today it expands and then cools
during the night. Yeah I think everyone’s delighted in the progress that we have made
on site. It’s a hard fabrication of getting everything right, making sure that we’ve got
good fit up on site that doesn’t leave us with a problem when erecting these trusses
and infilled steel work. We leave the family life back in Newport to
come and work away Monday to Friday and sometimes on the weekends. There is a degree of homesickness.
I’ve got a couple of young ones myself and I do miss them but we’ve got to work and I’m
just excited to be here.

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  • Looks good. You guys are making huge progress on building the Olypmic park. So excited! Bring on London 2012

  • Is this near a mall called Sherwood forest mall?

  • Ummm… just did a search for Sherwood Forest Mall, looks like it's in London, Ontario. The London Olympics Aquatics centre in this video is in London, England, UK. You know, the big London which is hosting the 2012 Olympics? Hence, London 2012 – Aquatics Centre roof halfway complete, as this video is called!

  • WHy a roof? Swimming & diving should be open air

  • It rains a lot in London

  • @josny1 Legacy is the key here. Once the Games are over and the temporary grandstands are removed, the residents of East London will have a really beautiful swimming and diving facility which they will be able to use all year round. Believe me, you would not want to use an open-air pool in the middle of an English winter.

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