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Hello friends, welcome to my YouTube channel little garden My name is garima And today we are going to talk about lotus plant This is my lotus plant and I planted it in December 2018 by rhizomes now you can see it growing very well and i added marsilea as ornament of pond and marsilea is has covered the whole pond and the leaf of the lotus plant is started rotting so it is the time to clean the whole pond and with that i added a fish type called molly there are two types of mollies live in my pond so that they may clean the pond but these fish has given fish fries let me show you but there is problem with mollies that if you don’t separate fries from mother they eat the babies now what i want is to save the babies so it is necessary to separate them and green algae is formation is high here because of that lotus leaves are rotting as summer is the season of growth of lotus plant so this plant is growing new shoots right here and flower may come here so we are going to clean the pond so that new shoots may grow healthier and new growth does not find any deases fish are roaming here i think they are finding their babies they are coming near net again and again to check but we don’t want that they eat their new born because mollies are aggressive eaters they eat about everything they find eatable in these, there sorry you may not able to see them because water is cloudy but if you can see the white one that one too looks pregnant oh see! the red one stomach looks so puffy that means this is also having upcoming babies i am observing the pond since many days and i was trying for this to know wether the babies have been laid so that i can separate them these guys are born today because yesterday i checked the pond but these were not here look at this these are the kids i think i have separated all of them may be i left one or two if i find them i will surely separate them these mollies are in pond from last December and after December i did not give them fish flakes they eat from this pond, algae and mosquito larva they live here happily and this is how they clean the tank this tank may look dirty from here but the water is crystal clear from inside you can see the sand inside the water yeah there are little soil and roots what makes it looks dirtier and the rotten leaves still water is clear so specialties of the fish is they eat all the stuff like algae and rotten leaves so clean the tank by cleaning rotten leaves by plucking them completely rotten! dont clean them in winters but you must clean them in summer because plants need much space in growing season in winter water temperature is very less and cleaning pond may lower the water temp. because leaves cover the pond i didnt put marsilea directly to the pond there is container so that when ever i want i can separate them andd….. they dont spread in whole pond so that my lotus can grow easily in larger space but now these are spreading too much i dont want they occupy the whole pond so i will separate them now look

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