Lucinda on Location with Goggles

Hello everyone, and welcome again to my show, “‘Winks’ with Cynthia Tiddly.” I’m your host, Cynthia Tiddly, and this week we are on location with Lucinda, who, in case you had forgotten, has, um, been having some difficulty in getting over her ex-boyfriend Jay, who cheated on her. Jay of course was the [water] polo-playing, um… swashbuckling suitor who turned out to be scum. Welcome, Jay — I mean Lucinda!! Hi everyone, it’s me, Lucinda again! Hopefully you can see me alright. This time I am on vacation. And my aunt suggested that I get a vacation getaway to forget about Jay. So I came down to Florida and tried a few things, now the first of which is I put on a different polo shirt than the polo… than the water polo shirt I was wearing before. Now the second thing is, and which you see me trying to negotiate right now is I found out that there’s a special suction that goes on with goggles that can bring forth your eyeballs a little bit from your brain hole and make it, ah, just a little bit more palatable for your brain to breathe and think straight. That’s called, “Goggle Therapy,” and I don’t know if it’s some kind of New Age thing or what but I just decided we were in desperate straits so I’m…I did it. Now, right now maybe can see my right eye is especially feelin’ the suction, but it’s supposed to make me really get over things, which is really what I needed on this vacation. I thought it was nice, until I saw my comforter, which is anything but comforting. You can plainly see that that is a compass rose that is only showing us the south, which makes me wonder, do you mean that I’m just going south right now? Is there no place you know because I mean the north star was always a bastion of hope, possibility, and freedom, but rather now the “South” just showin’ me, where are we goin’? Down, down, down? But I’m hopin’ really for the best, um, and, and that we’re going to get some kind of a great opportunity here. As you can maybe see, it’s raining right now. Lucinda, thank you so much. I’m so excited that you are making forward progress in terms of getting over Jay at last. And thank you, viewers, for tuning in once again. We, of course, as always, look forward to seeing you again next week, and please, share the video, give it a thumbs up if you like it, pass it along, and subsribe. Thank you so much. Cynthia Tiddly.

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