Luffy Giant Marimo Moss Ball Set Up

hi this is Sheri Ann Richerson from experimental and my Marimo moss balls have arrived now I just
need to tell you I did receive these for free or at a reduced price in exchange
for my honest review all Kenyans are my town now when I type these out of the
mail these were frozen solid so what I did have left them in a package that
came in at room temperature and I allowed them to fall completely so now
I’m ready to take these down now Marissa are sort of like an allergy but
they won’t mess up your aquarium because he’s can go and aquariums are these
going to decorate ugh in Japan these are considered good luck and often given and
weddings so we’re gonna do is I’m gonna cut my packing Co but and place these
two spring water because you don’t want to use water out of your sink because of
the chemicals I’m gonna play season a little bit of spring water and we’re
rolling around a little bit and then I’m basically going to squeeze them out now
if you have stand or shells or other items to come out of these there’s no
need to get freaked out about this because basically these are hairs that
would grow around objects that they attach to in the wild so that would be
perfectly normal don’t cut open don’t you know just just clean them up as best
you can you know squeezes out and then I’m going
to put these in this decorative container now every two weeks I’m going
to completely empty the water in this little container and I’m going to I’m
gonna do that one again I’m going to completely clean it out and this one
seems to have a lot in a troublesome sander something and restarted and again
I’m not going to use tap water ok now I want to show you this one
because I’m noticing at this to see how this is sort of an oval shape this one
is actually pregnant what I mean by that is it’s going to split right there I can just pull us apart actually if I
want to pay just pull it apart like this K and instead of one giant I would have
two little ones and I’m just going to put this back in again I’m just going to
squeeze it into a ball shape and carpet in there now you don’t want to separate
your Marissa MO and less they are like that because these are very very
slow-growing but I thought that was kind of interesting and you can see how small
they start in these four actually get a signature hand or bigger depending on
how long you allow them to grow ok so when you change your water be sure that
you clean your Marissa tomorrow and get all of the yucky stuff out you could see
this water is really dirty now and it started out clean and so here we go this
is my container like I said if I had an aquarium I could have put this in the
part of my aquarium but I’m gonna grow mine just like this and we’re going to
see what happens thanks for watching and have a great day

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