Major closures coming in I-4 project

now to yet another big change on i-4 this one affecting thousands of drivers near downtown Orlando now eastbound drivers looking to get off at three different roads will all use the same exit mark layman is live for us along i-4 this morning so mark we’re talking about a shift of more than a mile for some drivers yeah it’s about a mile and a half sooner for those exiting at Fairbanks Avenue in Winter Park now with the holiday rush getting in full swing this traffic shift is something that could catch many drivers off guard we need there could potentially be headaches for those drivers it’s gonna be a mess man drivers not looking forward to the morning rush after learning about the change coming to eastbound eye for starting this morning three exits Fairbanks Avenue par Street in Princeton will combine into one as it is it’s already crowded all the time putting all those exits together it’s just it’s a mess transportation officials say it’s something that’s being done to make room for work on the i-4 ultimate project drivers wanting to get off at any of those three roads will need to be prepared to exit in some cases a mile and a half sooner than what they’re used to being that right-hand lane as you cross over State Road 50 be ready to access that exit ramp that will service Princeton par in Fairbanks for those that miss the exit it’s about three miles until the next off-ramp at Lee Road F dot saying signs are in place warning of the change as drivers are heading through downtown the most important thing is don’t stop by for if you miss this turn make note of it be prepared for the next time now in addition to the shift in exits a new on-ramp is opening up from Ivanhoe to eastbound i-40 rotational czar urging drivers to watch their speed in these areas and also pay attention to the posted sides where those new exits are in place we’re keeping an eye on how drivers are dealing with a change so far this morning things appear to be running smooth Kirsten

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