Make an Aquatic Hair Braid with Phil Morgese | Dad Hair School

Hey guys! It’s Emma and this is my dad,
Phil. Today we’re going to be doing the aquatic braid. It looks awesome! I hope you
enjoy it. You’re going to want to begin with the hair
just down, detangled. Check our video on how to detangle the hair. This will help you get
there. Take two small sections of hair, even from
both sides, and you’re going to join them in the center. Just to keep it smooth, I like to comb these.
You see how it improves that right there. It’s kind of important to make sure that
the center lines up. Once you get it there, put an elastic and get just these two groups
strapped together. Just like that. So the first step’s done, simple enough.
Now you grab two more groups. You’re going to work from the outside going in. It’s best if they’re even. If you stay
consistent with the groups of hair going all the way through. You’re going to lift up so you have room
behind the first section of hair. And you’re going to grab both groups from the side. Just like that. One and two. Once you get it up, smooth it out, and then
you’re going to join it together with an elastic right below the first elastic right
there. Just like that. For the third group, we’re going to go under
the second group. Grab it and pull it through. Under. Grab that section of hair. Pull it
up and through, there we go. Comb it out. You can see it starting to take a little shape
there. Just try to make sure that you put the elastics straight down. This’ll just make it much more symmetrical
when you’re finished and give it a nice, clean look. And then the last section here, because you
see the hair is now all in the center, we’re going to put the last group underneath the
third group. So at this point, we’ve got the hair down.
You can see the loops going through. And it creates just one, kind of like a wide ponytail. An important part of getting this right is
you want to split the hair right down the middle going through the front. I use a styling comb. It’s just much easier.
Now what this will do is it’ll make it so when you start doing a fishtail braid, it
doesn’t get lopsided or become sloppy-looking. Now, at this point, you do a fishtail braid. Take a small pinch from the underside of one
group, and you’re going to flip it over to the second group. Just like this. And now, from this group, you’re going to
take a small pinch from the underside, so you’re going to flip that over. Once you understand the two motions, you just
do them over and over again. You could go down as far as you’d like.
With the fishtail, I find I can go down to the very end because it doesn’t require
much hair to continue on. And at the bottom, you’ll hold it together
with an elastic. What we use to touch it off is, they’re
called “Flexi Clips.” I put it right above where the first elastic is. Look over. And it hides the elastics below
it. And then to hide the transition going into
the fishtail, we just pop some jewels right there. And then, just for added definition, you get
one more. This is a big favorite, everyone loves the
way it turns out. This has been the aquatic braid! High-five, dad! He did an awesome job. So would you guys!

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