Makeup Artist Challenge! Who will win? | Mystical Sea Creature Makeup | MAKEUP SHOWDOWN #2

Hi guys and welcome. My name is Patrizia and on behalf of the Cirque
du Soleil makeup team, I welcome you to another
exciting artistic challenge. Now every day we push the
boundaries of entertainment in order to amaze millions of
spectators around the world. In order to keep our
creative minds sharp, we need to find new ways
to challenge ourselves. So today, we will be
having another face-off between two of
our makeup artists and we will do it the cirque way so get ready for another showdown! Cirque du Soleil
Makeup Showdown So in honor of our new
Cirque du Soleil show that will be taking place on the
MSC cruises starting this summer, today’s theme will have
an aquatic flavor. You will have to bring to life a sea creature. Let’s meet our makeup artists. Here to compete are Maryse Gosselin and Julie Gemme. You will have 60 minutes
to complete your challenge using the makeup and
accessories at hand. Ready or not, let’s dive in. Although it is not uncommon to see
an ocean theme in a makeup design, it can be challenging to
achieve an entire look. Not only will our makeup artists need
to be creative on a makeup level, they will have to extend
their artistic skills to include hairstyle and body, all that in only 60 minutes. Good luck! [A cream-base helps to maintain
a flexibility in the skin as more makeup layers are applied.] [Will you vote for
#Julie or #Maryse?] Don’t forget, you can vote
for your favorite artist in the comments down below. We’re now 15 minutes in.
Great start! Ok ladies, you are now halfway
through your challenge. [A shiny contour is unorthodox compared to
a matte contour and requires expertise.] [Which makeup is your favorite?
#Julie or #Maryse] All right now only 15 minutes left. [MAC Glitter Reflects gives an iridescent
glow to the skin, similar to fish scales.] Five minutes left
ladies, five minutes. [Spirit Gum is a very
tenacious skin glue and will keep the seashell
shoulder pads in place.] [Which artist will win?
#Julie or #Maryse] Thirty seconds. Ten. Four, three, two, time’s up. So which one of these incredible
makeup is your favorite? Which makeup artist impressed you
the most with their creation? [#Julie # Maryse] Tell us in the comments down below
and use the hashtag Cirqueway. [Which one is your favorite?
#Julie or #Maryse] Thank you for watching the
beautiful sea creature challenge and tune in next time for another
Cirque du Soleil makeup showdown. Cirque du Soleil
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