Manager’s Update: Aquatics

Hi, I’m Town Manager Patrick Banger. In this
week’s Manager’s Update I’m here with Sean Carlin with Gilbert Parks and Recreation to
talk about pool season which is right around the corner. Sean, could you start by talking
about some pool safety tips for our parents? Sure, we love to tell parents about the A
B C’s of water safety. A, stands for adult supervision. We really require it if you have
a backyard pool and even at the commercial pool. Please watch your children at all times.
B’s are barriers so pool fences, life jackets, anything that’s prevention to get the child
to the water. And the last thing is C, classes. Gilbert Parks and Recreation offers over 8
thousand spots for swim lessons this summer so we’re really excited that the pools are
open on May 25th and we really encourage parents to register their children for classes this
summer so they can increase their swim proficiency. And Sean, we’ve got a lot of programs and
facilities ourselves that you just highlighted, can you talk about some of our major features
and programs that they could access? Sure, Gilbert has four public pools and they are
all over town so we have Mesquite Aquatic Center, Greenfield Pool, Williams Field Pool
and Perry Pool. We offer youth swim and dive team programs, we have aquasize classes, we
have swim lessons for all ages and abilities so from infants to adults, and we even have
some specialized classes like float yoga and dive-in movies and all kinds of really fun
activities to get people to the public pools this summer. Ok great, thank you Sean. If
you’d like to learn more about our locations or the programs we offer, click the link at
the bottom of your screen. And, as always, thank you for watching.

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