Mar’cuus Pet Battle Guide and Family Fighter Strategies

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is your guide to the Mar’cuus
pet battle on Argus. I’m going to start with a quick strat to beat
him for your world quest, then run through strategies for every single pet family for
progress on the Family Fighter achievement. Mar’cuus lives here on Mac’Aree. I’m probably saying his name wrong, and that’s
OK because he’s an NPC and he doesn’t have feelings. First up, the fast lineup for doing your world
quest. This will also doubles as the Flying strat. My first pet is a Docile Skyfin with Slicing
Wind, Wild Magic, and Predatory Strike. Second is Ikky with Black Claw and Flock,
and third I’ve got a Pterrordax Hatchling with Slicing Wind. Starting with the Skyfin, throw down a Wild
Magic and he’ll pull in your Ikky. Use Black Claw, then Flock. After Ikky dies, the Pterrordax Hatchling
comes out and we’ll use Slicing Wind. If that doesn’t kill him, we’ve still got
that Predatory Strike waiting in the…wings…with our skyfin. Next up, Aquatic. My first slot is a Spawn of G’nathus with
Swallow You Whole and Thunderbolt, second is an Emperor Crab or Magical Crawdad with
Surge and Whirlpool, and third is a Gulp Froglet with Swarm. Start with the eel, pass and he brings in
the crab. Use Surge, then Whirlpool, then Surge. The Surge animation is still a little buggy
but it’ll go off eventually. The Gulp Froglet comes in and we’ll use Swarm. After a bit of that, Spawn of G’nathus comes
back. Use Thunderbolt, then Swallow You Whole. Consider him..swallowed. Critter time! I’m using three rabbits, each one with 357
speed and set up with Flurry, Dodge and Stampede. Start with Dodge, then Stampede. He’s going to absolutely wreck you with that
first pounce and that’s fine. On the second rabbit, use Dodge, then Flurry,
then Stampede. When he swaps in your third rabbit, start
with Flurry, then Dodge, then Stampede. On our final sliver of a bunny use Dodge,
then Flurry twice to win. Next, Elemental. My first pet is a Frigid Frostling or any
Elemental pet with Surge, useing Surge. Second is a Tiny Twister with Wild Winds,
Bash and Call Lightning and third is a Crazy Carrot with Ironbark and Blistering Cold. Your Tiny Twister must have more health than
your carrot. Starting with my Frostling, I’ll use Surge
and then he pulls in my Twister. Use Call Lightning, then Bash, then Wild Winds
before he ports in your Carrot. Go Blistering Cold, then Ironbark, then pass
and he brings back the Twister. Same thing- Call Lightning, Bash, and Wild
Winds. At this point he brings back the Frostling
but all he has to do is witness. We’re done. Next is humanoid. My first slot is Squirky with Stampede and
Bubble. Second I’m using an Ashleaf Spriteling with
Poisoned Branch, Wild Magic and Entangling Roots. Third is a Thistleleaf Adventurer with Bite
and Dazzling Dance. Start with Squirky, pass and he brings in
the Adventurer. Use Dazzling Dance, then Bite twice. He brings in the Spriteling. Use Wild Magic, then Poisoned Branch, then
Entangling Roots. Void Portal brings in Squirky, who goes for
Stampede. I guess I didn’t need Bubble. Next we’ll do Mechanical. My first slot is a Pocket Cannon but this
could really be a whatever, it doesn’t do anything. Second is a Draenei Micro Defender with Reflective
Shield and Ion Cannon, and third is the Cogblade Raptor preferably with less health than the
Micro Defender. If it’s an even 1400, you might have the wrong
pet Void Portaled in. Start with the cannon, pass and he brings
in the Micro Defender. Use Reflective Shield, then Ion Cannon. That does some WORK and the cogblade Raptor
comes in. Use Overtune, then Batter twice. That’s it. Next is Beast, and this one’s a classic. First slot is a Cheetah Cub with Screech,
followed by Zandalari Anklerender and Kneebiter with Black Claw and Hunting Party. Start with the Cheetah and use Screech. A Zandalari comes in and we’ll Black Claw,
then Hunting Party. Void Portal brings in the third pet, and one
more Hunting Party sorts it out. If you only have one zandalari you could use
almost any beast in the third slot as long as it has a damage move and less health than
your raptor. Next we’ll do Dragonkin. My first slot is a Life Exchange dragon with
Life Exchange, which today is a Nether Faerie Dragon. Second is Chrominius with Howl and Surge of
Power, and third is the Stormborne Whelpling with Call Lightning and Thunderbolt. I’ll start with the Faerie Dragon, pass the
turn and he pulls in Chrominius. Swap back to the faerie dragon and use Life
Exchange. Pass the turn and he brings Chrominius back. Use Howl, then Surge of Power. Void Portal brings in the Stormborne Whelp,
and we’ll use Call Lightning, then Thunderbolt. Up next is Magic. My first pet is a Sapphire Cub with Pounce
and Screech, second is an Extinguished Eye or any eye pet with more health than your
Netherspace Abyssal using Psychic Blast, Eyeblast and Interrupting Gaze. Third, the aforementioned Netherspace Abyssal
with Immolate, Explode and Meteor Strike. Start with the blue kitty and use Screech,
then he pulls him your eye. Use Interrupting Gaze, then Psychic Blast,
then Eyeblast. Void Portal brings in your Abyssal. Use Immolate, then Meteor Strike. After that animation figures itself out he
void portals back your eye pet. Another Interrupting Gaze, then Eyeblast,
then Psychic Blast. The Sapphire Cub swings back in and we’ll
pounce, then screech. Kitty dies, we’ll bring out the Netherspace
Abyssal and end the fight with Explode. Last we have Undead. My first slot is a Ghastly Kid with Diseased
Bite, Ethereal and Haunt. Second is Blightbreath with Toxic Smoke, and
third is a Blighted Squirrel with Stampede. You could use that other squirrel or the marionette
in that third slot as long as it has less health than Blightbreath. Start with the goat and use Ethereal, then
Diseased Bite, then Haunt. Bring in Blightbreath and use Toxic Smoke,
then he void portals in the squirrel. Use Stampede, and that’ll continuefor a few
rounds until he portals back in your Blightbreath. Toxic Smoke just once and he’s toxic toast. So, that’s Family Fighter Mar’cuus! If it hadn’t been for Family Fighter I’m not
sure I even would have found this guy. Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe for the rest of the Family Fighter
guides and other super cool WoW videos. Let me know what you think, share your own
strategies in the comments if you like and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

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