Marine Ecology Research

The focus of my research is on tropical
marine ecotoxicology and helping to understand the sensitivity of tropical
communities as opposed to temperate communities. This link to tropical systems
has enabled me to do a lot of my research in eastern Indonesia and
through collaborations with various universities there including University
of Patti Mira where we have a large research project which is focused on
understanding impacts of mercury from small-scale mining activities and this
has developed into policy changes in the in the local area. We get postgraduate
students from all over the world we have a really dynamic international community
we live in a regional environment where we can step out our door and be at the
ocean or be in the forest within 20 minutes. Our school the school of
environment Science and Engineering and Southern Cross University has a very
large focus on postgraduate students so that all the staff in our school are
highly research active we focus on ecotoxicology marine pollution under the
umbrella of sources fate and consequences of contaminants in the
environment. We have students also working on pesticides and the impacts of
pesticides in marine and aquatic systems and the PhD pathway is a really exciting
one for students that are interested in a research career it’s a three years
that you get to absolutely dedicate your time to one topic. Great supervisors are
here at Southern Cross University and we often work in supervisory teams where
the students get the best of everybody. World-class analytical equipment as well
as unbelievably beautiful environments

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