Martin Vick after performing Snooks Brothers Aquatic at the Arts & Business Cymru Awards 2015 Launch

You are such a poser, Martin.
I know. So, you’ve just performed at the launch of
the Arts and Business Awards. How do you think it went?
It was very good, good performance.Good fun. Excellent.
Yeah, very good. Did you miss Denni, because you weren’t performing
with Denni today were you? Oh yes, I missed him so much. He’s a good
friend of mine, for a long time, yeah. How long have you been performing together
now? Oh, ten years.
Ten years? Wow. So it must have been a bit weird…
It was, yeah. …not having him up there with you.
Yeah. How did Gareth measure up?
Oh he’s fine. He’s fine is he?
He’s fine. Where is he? He’s over there. He did a good
job as stand in then did he? Yes he did, he did well.

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