Massa kul på Sunway Lagoon nöjespark – störst i Kuala Lumpur VLOGG

Hey, hey! We are at… Sunway Lagoon! – It’s a large theme park in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.
– Yes. – Let’s go!
– Yes! Kuala Lumpur is built around tin mines.
They were very important a long time ago. This place, Sunway Lagoon, is one giant pit. It’s an old tin mine that has been rebuilt
into a theme park and water park. It started out as a water park only,
but now… look at this map. Now there’s the Water Park,
the Scream Park – with ghosts. – That?
– Yes, we just passed it. The Amusement Park is over here,
and the Wildlife Park, with the animals, is over there. – And then there’s the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon.
– Oh! And lastly the Extreme Park. – We haven’t seen that yet.
– No. – Or that.
– No. – This place is huge!
– Yes. We will start by going to what the park
is best known for – the Water Park. These two are already changed. Yes. Joanna and I need to change,
then we are ready! I have a suggestion.
Let’s start with that thing. It’s called the Vuvuzela. – What do you two call it?
– The toilet. – Mom, we need swimming goggles.
– Yes, you will wear swimming goggles. Let’s put them on and go. When we looked up this signature ride
the kids were like: “The toilet! We’ll get flushed down the toilet!” I want all four of us to go together,
because this will actually be a little scary. – It’s a good thing that we will go in a ring.
– Yes. Oh! – That’s a good thing.
– Are you okay? – Are you okay, dear?
– Yes. Okay, great! Look! – Are you ready?
– Yes! – Harry!
– What? This will be kind of scary, right? Super scary! It was actually a little scary
because it kept hitting my head like… It was fun. It actually was. Let’s race! Harry wants to race. Right next to us
there’s a four track water slide. There are so many rides here,
let’s just go on all of them! – Yes, let’s go!
– Let’s go! Axel and I are about to do something absolutely crazy. – But I am allowed to go.
– Yes, but you don’t want to. No, it feels mean to Harry. Harry wants to go, but he can’t.
You need to be at least 120 cm tall. (3ft 11in) – We will fall down a tube… 360.
– Yes, almost vertically. Just a straight fall. – It’s so hard to walk with this thing on.
– Yes, it’s like a spineboard. It’s rock-hard. Alma and Harry is coming with us for moral support.
Then it’s time for the drop. – Apparently it will take less than 10 seconds.
– Yes. Oh God! Did you see how he disappeared? – Where will he come out?
– From that purple one. There he is. I love you! Cross your legs like this. – Like this?
– Yes. – Okay?
– Yes. Mommy! – You didn’t even have time to think. It was just like…
– Yes, and then it was over. – The scariest part was when the floor just disappeared.
– Yes, and then it was a weightless fall down the tube. – What was it like when mommy just disappeared?
– Scary. This place is so big, it never ends. Never. We have walked and walked,
and gone on so many rides. I really like that… – Nature is all around.
– Yes. It’s not like they have just
built a park here – it is a real park. – And then they have built all these attractions.
– Yes, exactly. It’s a very nice place.
I highly recommend it. We just ate lunch,
but we didn’t film it. No. It… Oh, you really scared me!
I was more frightened by Joanna. Our energy levels before lunch was extremely low. – As were our blood sugar levels.
– Yes. – A question we get a lot is if we ever argue. We do.
– Yes. – For example right before we eat.
– Yes. It happens in our family
as much as in any other family. Yes, we are a regular family.
We argue and we fight. But we choose not to film it
because it’s not fun for us, or to watch. No, and it’s not fun for the kids. If we film when they don’t feel well
and don’t think it’s fun, then it will never be fun to film. No, no. We try to bring out the camera
when fun things happen. – Like now.
– Yes. – Let’s jump in the water.
– Now that we have new energy. Yes, exactly. – Now we will go to the beach.
– Yes. Come! – There really is a beach here, but it’s built.
– Yes. They turn on the waves during the afternoons,
so now we will go play in the waves. – It feels like real sand.
– Yes, it really does. – It’s like a party here!
– Yes. In the World’s Largest Surf Pool. That was so much fun, and what a party!
Things got crazy in that pool. At the same time the sky opened up.
The rain just started to pour down. The clouds really needed to pee,
so they just wet themselves. Yes, they just… And then it pooped a little,
and that’s when lightning struck. Yes, okay. Anyway. We escaped to our hotel. We are staying at Sunway Pyramid Hotel
which is, no joke, 2 minutes from the park. – The hotel has its own entrance to the park.
– Yes. – Today we did all the water stuff.
– Yes. The best part is that we have a 2 day pass,
so tomorrow we will do all the dry stuff. See you among the rides. It’s a new day at Sunway Lagoon,
and we are running to meet… Turtles! – Turtles, at Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon.
– Yes. They have a Meet & Greet,
and Harry loves Turtles! – Come!
– Hi there! He loves the Turtles! Come inside. – Oh, this is so cool!
– Come! Look! – Bye!
– Bye! Bye! How does it feel? Embarrassing. Oh… embarrassing? Of course you get a little nervous
when you meet your idols. – Do you know which Turtles you hugged most?
– The red one. Yes, the red one. It’s called Raphael.
He’s the one with the cool knives. Today we will go on the theme park’s dry rides. But we are very wet because it’s incredibly hot.
The jog to see the Turtles gave us like a sweat bath. – Yes.
– I’m very hot. – We will go on as many dry rides as we can take.
– Yes. Hopefully the roller coasters will cool us down. That will be nice. – Should we start?
– Yes, let’s go! Harry really wants to go inside the Ghostbusters house,
but you need to be at least 7 years old. – It’s so nice with air conditioning.
– Yes, my shirt is wet. Now we will have lunch,
and it will be very good. Water. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Several of the roller coasters and rides
have a 140 cm height requirement. (4ft 7in) I think we can state that for a family
with children in Alma and Harry’s age, the Water Park is the most fun part
of Sunway Lagoon. Yes, absolutely. – Or what do you guys think?
– Yes. Then you won’t get as hot. You can really feel that it’s about to rain soon.
The heat is pressing right now. Yes. That’s the thing about Kuala Lumpur –
there’s one downpour every day. Yes. And this bridge is the world’s longest
suspension bridge. – Are you kidding?
– No, it said so when we got on it. Axel, the encyclopedia, delivers
all the way to the end of the vlog! Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up, or down. Leave comments, ask questions,
and take care until next time. Bye bye!

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