Meet my Pet Amphibians! (Frogs, Toads & Axolotl)

Amphibian time For some reason I’m like more excited to talk about the amphibians than the reptiles When the reptile room tour had 32 animals, and this one’s gonna have four, cuz I only have four amphibians There’s three here, one behind me cuz I can’t take her out. She’ll probably die. I’m excited too. Let’s get started So I’ve got four here. I’ll go ahead over just all four that I have and then talk about each There’s also one of my shirt you can buy it with the link below But it ends in like two days so you should buy like before you watch the video. Anyway, we just lost a toad Yeah, that goes them liquids. Oh… I almost didn’t put a tablecloth because I knew that was gonna be a lot of pee but It’s worth it cuz the table looked gross probably from more pee. So we’ve got four species here We’ve got the American toad, the chubby frog, the chocolate chip toad, and the axolotl behind me. First, let’s go over a name Oh my god, the pee smells First let’s go Let’s go over the names first. First off right here turned around cuz he doesn’t like the lights is Potato His name is potato cuz it’s a dumb name and he’s kind of dumb too. He doesn’t do anything. Potatoes don’t do much either That’s potato. Then we’ve got Betty, the other three actually named from Adventure Time characters because I love Adventure Time more than reptiles and amphibians Betty here is named after Betty in the show She’s like technically from a thousand years ago But that’s like today because Adventure Time takes place a thousand years in the future and then she comes back.. we won’t get into The lore Adventure Time, but that’s Betty you get the idea. This is Sue. Betty and Sue the name just go together well But then I also remember that sue is like a very small minor character in Adventure Time So what do you know? We got more Adventure Time met sue and then behind me is Woobeewoo That’s the axolotl named after Woobeewoo from the town with.. Named after Woobeewoo from the town of Woobeewoo’s. It’s hard to say Woobeewoo a lot So what I’m talking about Woobeewoo, I usually just call her Woobee or Woobs It’s a good thing that she doesn’t go to school cuz shedt be bullied for it. But that’s Woobeewoo We’ll just call her Woobee. I’ve actually had in Amphibian’s longer than reptiles which might be why they hold a special place in my heart And why I can never go without them. They’re so fun, for the most part they’re pretty easy and they’re just so weird. It’s great. They also get a lot of likes on Instagram The problem is as we’ll get into is the majority of species are imported or wild caught compared to captive bred Usually with reptiles you always want to get captive bred species because they are not affecting the outside environment You’re not taking the animal from its natural habitat and you’re reducing the risk of anything like parasites Or any other issues that they might have picked up out in the wild. For example in my savannah Monitor who I bought of crisis I wasn’t supporting an actual wild caught seller But she was from Craigslist and she had parasites and just that alone costed me about $500 plus the fact that.. like.. you You just don’t want to take in those like that. Oh! she just.. Stop trying to eat my finger, please. I think there’s certain times where it can be Appropriate depending on how you’ve done it. For example, Betty here, my American toad They’re native to North Carolina where I live and I caught her like five years ago now I’ve been catching an American toads for like probably ten years or something and Betty is an individual that was from a construction site Well, it was gonna be a construction site. It was all like beautiful woods, but as of recording this, it’s a neighborhood So, of course I could have just relocated her to a natural area. That was like protected or whatever First of all, I think it’s illegal to bring animals to protected places like parks but either way I have done that for about 98 to 99 percent of the animals that I’ve caught they were either released or Relocated but in the past I had occasionally kept them. So that’s how we got Betty. I got her when she was an adult She’s still an adult. American toads something like Google said they can live up to like 40 years or something.. overall They die a lot like in the wild. There’s just a lot of things in the wild that’s against them So basically toads living outside are not really gonna live up to 40 years old, but Betty, I don’t know how he is but she’s at least an adult plus five years because that’s how long I’ve had her and there actually was a point in time where I was concerned that she Was starting to die. She seemed pretty sick. She was losing weight. She didn’t really move much. It was like the middle of summer So it wasn’t like she was going into hibernation or anything And I was like, uh well, I don’t know how old she is I’ll just try and keep upping her diet and make sure she’s all good and keep track of her husbandry and stuff and Now she’s basically fine. She regained that weight that she lost. All of her energy is back so it’s kind of like she was just like Had a little illness for like a couple weeks or something So she was away from the other amphibians and animals while that was happening, but thankfully Betty is all good and loving life She’s just in the little 10 gallon. As you can see she moves around a lot. So she would happily use up more space So maybe an upgrade’s in the future her, but I like her cute little enclosure Used to belong to my turtle harriet when she was smaller But it works well for her and she gets a lot of outside time We always feed her outside the enclosure To keep track of what she’s eating and just cuz it’s fun just to see her like jump around and chase food around the carpet or whatever Next up is the newest amphibian who is a lot.. Well a lot more low-energy than Betty I think Betty’s just so used to people over the five years that she just doesn’t care She won’t stop trying to eat my hands. Do we have.. Let me get some insects.. and then there is Sue on the other hand who I’ve only had for a few months since November well, let me just grab a snack for Betty It’s right in front of you.. stop looking at me Look at the food! The dubia (roach) won’t.. oh ok there we go. So Sue I got a Repticon for like ten dollars now something, i’ll like, I keep up with the different reptile gossip online like talking about which reptile youtubers are good and which aren’t and Something that I see a lot about me is the fact that GoHerping never keeps or never What’s a called? Makes impulse purchases like unlike these other people that I won’t name But I have made a couple impulse buys including this toad and my sand boa was also an impulse purchased at Repticon. I would give myself The benefit of the fact that like I always have the supplies needed and the experience But it’s up to you whether you think it’s okay for me to do that or not either way I did it I bought this $10 toad at Repticon. Yes. I’m sure she’s imported. Because there’s no other way to get them They are not bred and I felt okay doing that because there is no other way to get them But I still think it’s great to just have different unique species And then keep these guys away from each other. So either way regardless of your opinion on imported species This is what’s called a chocolate chip toad now I already forgot the actual name because I just always called them by their like common names and When I was at Repticon, I couldn’t find a single thing about them I found like one forum of someone being like “what kind of toad is this?” and someone said “a chocolate chip toad” and that was the Only info of any chocolate chip toad. I spend like a half hour at Repticon Just googling them and I couldn’t find any info. So using my common sense, I was like they kind of look like American toads They’re kind of the same size They’re pretty similar I’m sure it’s not that much harder and I was right I give them the exact same husbandry and it’s perfectly fine And Betty is just stalking for a potato here. Oh! Indonesian toad, I guess that’s what it’s called. So Indonesian toads are, believe it or not, from Indonesia, and I Just think if I’m was like the more colorful more foreign cousin of Betty so I don’t keep them together anything they each have their own 10 gallons right now, but this dude is a little I Feel like she’s bigger. She’s not as fat but she is larger I’m sure it’s female and oh there that the banner of my youtube channel now. I took this adorable picture of them So Betty and Sue here are like currently the face of the channel I know they are amphibians, it says reptile right next to it. Who cares? I don’t. But Betty here has been eating quite well It took a little bit to get her to eat certain things. At first She was like just eating Super worms or something, but then she started taking dubia roaches pretty quickly. Potato really wants my water So I was like I need this toad I bought the toad I am very happy with my $10 toad and at the most recent Repticon where we were selling animals I walked Around and I really wanted to buy this other toad I found it was like Stop! I really wanted to buy this other toad I saw Repticon, but the seller was just garbage His animals sucked and I had no interest in supporting him at all So I really wanted that toad, but I couldn’t do it For the sake of like supporting good sellers, so I will have my eye on toads and don’t talk about them a ton Is because I knew that it will encourage people to get them, which is great But it’s just hard when they are really not captive-bred and I can’t find any trust worthy sellers. Frogs on the other hand Like potato who I will get to next.. please do not fall off the table. My man potato is the weirdest shape one he’s more of like a… Big Mac or something. So potato is just so weird. He’s just like, he’s huge. He’s like this big spherical thing He’s great. So my friend Ethan got me Potato for my birthday Almost a year ago now, it was actually just like a few weeks after my pac-man frog Yoshi died I want to do a whole video on pacman frog’s dying Because it seems to be extremely common for people that have perfect husbandry and then the pac-man frogs just croak No pun intended. So I went into that in more detail with his death But Ethan knew I have the supplies and everything and that an interest in more frogs so he picked this dude up for me, and he’s Made me a lot of money thanks to this merchandise, you know, he’s really like he really doesn’t do anything He’s a lot like pac-man frogs. If you know anything about them They just sit there, they wait for their food and that’s it. Potato in particular only eats super worms I don’t really like super worms I always go with dubia’s and then If I have to go with something else I go with meal worms and other things like Wax worms and nutri docs just as a treat or aid Just like some extra What’s it called? Extra mix into their diet, but he only has an interest in super worms. It’s very weird even mealworms Mealworms and super worms are like the same but for some reason he doesn’t eat mealworms, so it’s fine he’s been perfectly healthy on them and It works for me since he eats them. He doesn’t even eat that much He eats like every few days just like a single super worm and he still maintains a crazy weight probably because he doesn’t do anything but he is Arguably one of the most easy animals in the room. So that’s potato. He’s fun Finally, Woobeewoo who i’ll show you lots of footage of, but I can’t take her out That is my axolotl. My friend Amber at Amber’s axolotl’s on Instagram sent her to me It was kind of also a birthday present. I got a lot of animals for my birthday I guess, but I knew about it I knew it was coming. I prepared in advanced and It’s my first time keeping an aquatic amphibian. So I’ve had tons of ups and downs with it Most recently the biggest issue has been the ammonia and the pH has been crazy We’ve tried like every single thing possible and nothing worked It was like for weeks there were these ridiculous levels of ammonia I even though it was clean It was filtered out. I was doing the usual water changes every couple days, but it was not getting any better So I got a more expensive filter It was like 50 bucks like not that much more expensive But I got that filter which I forgot the name of and I removed all the sand and now it’s looking great So, I don’t know if it was the filter or the sand or both. But either way it’s fine with me because The pH and everything is good now. So I’m considering putting the sand back apparently the main benefits of sand are just the look of it and The fact that it makes it easier for axolotls to kind of like crawl around Because they usually spend their time on the bottom of the water people have told me that the sands going to cause impaction, but my understanding is that Axolotls are very different from reptiles And as long as you make good choices and the types of sand you will have no problems with it So she’s been doing great on it She’s fed above.. not above the water but at the top of the water, so there’s never any food at the bottom What are the toads doing? But she’s been a super fun and super stressful animal to own. She’s taking up the most time Definitely not the most money but a good little bit of money setting that up then making sure that’s all good But it’s definitely been rewarding because she’s grown a ton. She’s completely changed colors It’s been a really cool to see her transform over the past year, so I don’t at all regret getting her But I didn’t quite expect just how much work it would get and unfortunately It looks like my experiences have like made a lot of people not want them, which I can’t do anything about that And so if you want one I do suggest you go for it But just make sure you’re really prepared because there’s a lot more than I expected. So that’s Woobeewoo and that was fun Well, this is my four toads or four amphibians. Two toads, one frog and one aquatic salamander I guess or just axolotl, the Woobs, the Sue, the Betty and the Potato Hopefully you enjoyed seeing them all. Again, there’s like two days left on this hoody design. We’re completely sold out of the snake design now, I Don’t have plans on it coming back. So It sucks to suck if you didn’t buy it Better luck next time and the potato will be gone soon, too. But what do you think of toads? Are they underrated or amphibians in general? Do they deserve more talk in the reptile community? But those are my four amphibs Hope you enjoyed, if you want to see the reptiles you can check out the other video. But that’ll be it. So I’m Alex and thanks for watching

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