Meet Natasha – “There’s always support around you”

(new age music) – My name is Natasha Grasby. I’m currently a primary school teacher at Greenbank State School. Being a teacher has
always been a dream for me since I was inspired by
my year seven teacher. She always made learning fun, engaging, and she was very passionate. You could see that she
really cared for her students in her class. It felt great walking into
her classroom everyday, and I see teaching as a two-way street. You have to have an open mind and be creative in your
approaches to teaching. Being able to establish those
things with your students will really make them valuable learners throughout the classroom. Being a teacher is one of
the most rewarding careers you could possibly be in. A regular day is me coming to
school early in the morning, preparing things for the lesson, chatting to my other fellow colleagues, and there’s always support around you. You always attend
professional developments where you’re constantly
learning new things to bring back to the classroom. Yes there are challenges along the way, but those challenges
become successful memories for yourself as a
teacher and the students. Seeing the students
engaged in their learning, those little things remind you that you are doing the right thing as a teacher and you can make a difference
for those students. (new age music) I would say, go for it because teaching is such a rewarding career and if you are someone who
is always up for a challenge and has a passion for
teaching and learning, I would say your career
has already started. (new age music)

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