Meet North East Link’s Aquatic Team

We’re at the Plenty River looking at the
waterway condition. We’re doing some fish surveys and some macro
invertebrate water bug surveys. We’re looking for either threatened species
of fish or fish that just live here. We’re doing fyke netting which involves
setting nets in two different directions upstream and downstream on the river. We also do backpack electrofishing which involves
carrying a backpack with a battery on it. It sends out an electrical pulse that can
temporarily immobilise fish. We can then catch them, identify them and
release them. So the information we collect today will get
included in an ecology specialist report, and that’ll be a part of the Environment
Effects Statement. It’s important we test the Plenty River
and other waterways for North East Link, because it helps us understand what species live here,
what condition the waterway is in, and working out what we need to protect.

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