MEETING DEAN LEWIS | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E3

Very weird that you see me eating vegetables so I guess today I came out of surgery and I felt great because I
basically didn’t feel anything in my leg because they put two injections and they
basically blocked my nerve so I couldn’t feel my my feet at all I couldn’t feel
my whole leg and then today the… The anaesthesia, the painkillers went down So yeah it hurts like f*ck. Charelle: But does it really hurt now? Martijn: It’s like somebody cuts it with a knife.
Charelle: Really? Kerkhoffs: How is the feeling? Has that returned?
Martijn: Yeah the feeling has returned. Together with pain. Because the blocker has worn off. Kerkhoffs: Where do you feel pain? On the inside or outside? Martijn: It’s like a knife is still in there.
Kerkhoffs: Yeah, where it has been cut. These 2 weeks are the first healing phase, so everything can grow together
and the tissue rests and attaches without any infection,
then we will take out the stitches. And after that it’s good to start moving. Martijn: It’s very unlikely that there will be an infection?
Kerkhoffs: Yes, less than 1 percent. Take care.
Martijn: You’re getting a hug. Thank you, very happy! Let’s go we’re going home! What’s the worst thing of the whole
situation, I think the fall because I went from being super happy on stage to
my thinking my bone was sticking out of my leg. That’s how it felt. It does show how fragile everything is. Hey! Steven: Great place man to write. Martijn: Yo we wrote something f*cking crazy on the other song Dean: Yeah pretty f*cking sick
Martijn: Like we’re gonna save his voice and then recording properly tomorrow.
Tomorrow we’ll be at STMPD the whole day. Dean: But the chorus is really high we’re just gonna sing it low yeah,
but imagine it being epic. Steven: What’s up with your voice though, are you just tired or? Dean: I just did three shows in a row
like we’re on tour so I’m just like yeah hectic man.
Steven: Of course! Martijn: If you rest tonight…
Watse: Did you sleep last night? Dean: Yeah like four hours sleep, I mean I’m f*cked right now I’m even here. Martijn: I gave you the option you want to rest first before? And he was like: “Yo let’s go!”.
Dean: Dude, your energy I’ve never met anyone as energetic, it’s the best. I got so
many videos like this song like it’ll just be this anyone it’s like this the
top of your head and he’s just listening to it, like a
video. It’s the best ever! He was sending me all these messages of like, I’ve never had it before he’s like, sending me videos of him move, bouncing around and
stuff like he’d be like: “I came up with his new part of the song!”, and he was like. I’ve never seen anyone with that kind of energy and I was watching him in the
studio and you never know when you work with someone if they’re like, if really
good songwriters come in and write with him, but I came in and he’s really really
good at what he does and there’s like no doubt and no doubt in my mind
why he’s at this point. Because he’s really excited by it and passionate and he works really hard and it’s really inspiring to see, to be honest! Martijn: Dean came to my house and we worked on the lyrics of the song. Albin and I, we wrote a part in the hospital and Dean
wrote a lot of the lyrics in Australia and today we came together and we
basically changed all the lyrics again but now there’s such a beautiful
storyline, it’s amazing! Very, very excited and we didn’t
record today to give his voice some rest and then tomorrow we’re gonna record the
guitars and his voice and it’s gonna be amazing and we started actually another
song as well today so very happy and just at an amazing dinner now we’re
gonna go on a boat, so life is great! Dean: I’ve actually have never been on the canals before. Have you either? Sean: No never before. Now we’re on it we’re part of it, part of Amsterdam!
Dean: Garrix world, Martin Garrix world… aquatic living! I wrote this song and Martin heard it and then he was like I like this, I like
this song of yours and we decided talking and then he was like “Hey did you want to work on another song?” and then we just started working… so it’s kind of a
producer friend of mine and a friend of his just kind of said “Hey”
and then he messaged me and I was like Ohh Martin, Martin Garrix. Marty Garrix I
always pronounce it wrong and uuhm then yeah we hung out and it was like really chill day.
Martijn: It’s funny we were supposed to finish another song and then
we end up writing a complete new one. It’s great, so much emotion. I’m very happy! Dean: It has a lot of hope in it
and feels really good to us, so hopefully people can interpret it in whatever way they like. Martijn: I don’t know, with each lyric we try to
paint a picture for us but also for other people to feel themselves.
Whenever I make music I want to be the anthem someone else’s life or
something like, I want people to listen to it and ten years from now
remember the emotion, the feelings they had that song bring up you know. I wanted
to be more than just music or to be emotion, feelings, I want to be … I want to impact someone’s life,
it’s why I make music and what I try to achieve with every song. I feel this song
is so beautiful, so special and I’m just grateful we met. I feel like everything happens for a reason and maybe I wasn’t supposed to
be on tour right now I was supposed to be here in Amsterdam with Dean,
with Albin make this beautiful song and then go back on tour in two
weeks. Kiss, kiss! I want photo credits on Instagram! Wait one more, one more!

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