Meeting Friends in Orlando! [Playlist Live Vlog 2-5-15]

Well I’m on my way to go pick up Maxinne we’re kinda meeting in the middle She lives about 2 hours away from me She’s driving an hour and I’m driving an hour and then we’re coming back to my place to fly out really early in the morning for playlist! [music] Good morning it is the butt crack of dawn I think I got like 30 minutes? at the most We’re just packing up, about to go drive to my mom’s house She’s gonna drive us to the airport We’re excited but we’re tired! Yaaaay! Woooooo! [Music] They’re announcing our flight! Lets go get on a plane! Well that was officially the shortest flight ever Were still in Fayetteville We got on the plane then they had a flat tire the plane was tilting So we all had to get back off so they could look at it They don’t have maintenance with them, Yah so we’re just waiting on maintenance like maintenance is not even here, so we’re just waiting I just hope that it’s easy to fix the tire Hopefully they just need to fill it up Our broken plane they’re not working on it So i don’t know what’s going on I’m talking to the camera Oh I’m sorry! No, it’s ok! Take your time! What the heck she’s interrupting my vlog! Apparently there’s a pretty sunrise Pretty!!! Look I’m laying on the floor! because we’re STILL in Fayetteville We’re never gonna get out of Arkansas Yah….we’re still here! Waiting for them to fix the plane! We got our iteniraries fixed so that’s ok Just waiting! I’m sleeping trying… She’s catching up on videos…yah Alright…nap time! We’re in Orlando finally! We’re gonna go meet up with everybody it’s so exciting! OMG I see them! Ahhhhh! You don’t know me but I watch your videos! that’s all I need to know! Ahhhh! Hi We’re meeting in person for the first time! Oh heeeey! hiiii!!! We’re just casually vlogging all together [screaming] Only at playlist live where people will take pictures of random people that they THINK might be famous Right, if there’s even the possibility of fame you have to get a video! There’s like this random person here we have no idea who he is! I don’t anyway! It’s just that he’s pretty! He’s pretty, that’s all that matters! It will make a good picture! That’s right. [music]

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