Meus óculos de natação – Qual o melhor?

Hey guys, welcome to my channel good, I decided to make this video to show you the glasses I have why in the previous video I say as participation in competitions Sobrasa Rescue in Florianopolis and the video I show all won the competition, including this glasses here and I thought it might incite curiosity to you about some products that are used in these types of competitions They are not professional competitions, but are very interesting and may appeal to those who like swimming or other sports practice that’s the glasses that I won, and as I said in another video, I already had a glasses like this I think it has the same name and brand it is basically the same, changing only a few details and as further said This glasses is what I feel most comfortable in competitions despite already saw smaller glasses that this who may perhaps be better, but I’ve never used but this here does not enter water and does not give too much friction and like him a lot, mainly to jump off the block why if a bigger glasses, can give a very large drag, like other glasses that will show and makes exit easily face so although simple, quite like these glasses I bought another, which was the same aesthetic is this Speedo it is very beautiful, mirrored and such was even cheap too It has good materials but it did not really work on my face, I believe it is because of this detail here that does not fit and bothers me after swimming a while then it is very beautiful, but I did not adapt to it, despite that for others it can be good yes what I like most to use for training is what I bought latest this is the Mormaii why he was seeking greater comfort for swimming and this glasses have all this part here more comfortable He also enters a little water, but there is only a little push it solves It has a button for easy release of the strips, freeing the face of glasses more easily and training to prefer it the question of comfort even I saw that some people complained about him to enter water but I preferred to why it was a good price and have trusted the brand so personal that’s wanted is to show a little of the glasses that I use, despite not having many this have for many years, has won this recent and these two bought this year and who have some experience of swimming equipment or other sports also puts in the comments who liked give a like in the video and to the next

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