Michael Phelps, in his own words.

(Michael Phelps) At the age of 11, I trusted somebody
who told me I could make the Olympic team in four years. And he proved it to me. I think from that moment on I just –
I have all trust in what he says. I wouldn’t be in the shoes I am now with any other
coach in the world. And, you know, I can thank Bob
for everything that he has done to help me both in the pool and
out of the pool. He asked me about coming down here and
finishing my career in the sun. But also, you know recently I asked if, if
I could help out next year with the team. I think it will be cool and a different dynamic
between Bob and I, you know, on the pool deck actually together.
You know it’s always been me in the water and him on the deck. (Bob Bowman) Besides being the best swimmer
who ever swam, Michael knows more about this sport than anyone. He’s been a student
of it for a very long time. He’s studied the trends in the sport, technique. He’s actually
worked through a cutting edge technique for quite a while, right?
(Phelps) Yeah. (Bowman) And so he knows what the process is
all about. And I think he’ll be able to transmit that information to our
student athletes. (Phelps) Bob has, you know like I said, has
so much knowledge and so much talent with coaching that, you know, I mean
just look at the results. And it’s not just me. There are other athletes that he has
coached through tremendous times and tremendous results. So I think with
a combination of that and the combination of where we are today.
You know I think it’s a great school and it’s a great place to live. I swam indoors for pretty much my whole
career. Whether it was in Baltimore or whether it was in Michigan. And you know
for me, I have a clearer head when I’m outside. You know, being able to see the sun
every day I think is something that is beneficial because this is the happiest I’ve ever been
in my career. It’s exciting for next year because the
amount of knowledge that Bob and I have about the sport, the amount of passion
that we have about the sport, the opportunities are endless of what could happen here. I know Bob is very, very excited about
building a team and continuing the team that is here now. I think we’re both now to the point where
we’re enjoying what we’re doing. (Bowman) Yep.
(Phelps) And I think that’s something that, that allows us just to relax and have fun. Just the small things really have helped me
over the last year, and if I’m able to pass it to these college kids next year when I’m
working with them, then hopefully I can make them a better swimmer and a
better person. Inside the pool I’ve had an amazing career.

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