Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers – The Power Rangers meet the Alien Rangers

Cool! Something’s fishy about this. What in the? Oh, this doesn’t look good. Pop’s not going to like this one bit. When the going gets tough, run away! Welcome, Zordon sent us to meet you. I’m Tommy, we’re the Power Rangers. Yes, I believe you are. I’m Delphine, leader of the Alien Rangers. This is Corcus. Cestro. Aurico. And Tideus. Aisha. Adam. Catherine. Rocky. And Billy. We better get home before our
parents start to get worried. I’ll bring Delphine and the rest of the Aquitians to the command center. Tommy, will you make sure to tell my dad that I’ll be a little late? Sure thing. As you can see, our situation is grave. Until we are able to restore our rangers to their original ages, we are powerless against Master Vile. A most distressing situation. We shall do everything in
our part to come to your aid. We also live by the
sacred code of the rangers, to destroy evil and
protect all that is good. We can’t tell you how much
this means to all of us. Putting your lives on the line. I wish there was something we can do. But there is, Billy. You and the other human
rangers, shall be our eyes and our ears, as we accustom
ourselves to this planet. That’s our alarm! Oh, it looks like we’re
about to be attacked by a large army of terrible monsters! I’ve never seen quite so many
mutants in one common area. It’s a whole platoon of
Goons out in the desert! I’m afraid, my alien friends,
that it is time for action. I only hope you can act in time. Got the Aquitians fully
briefed on our ranger powers. They’ll definitely know everything there is to know about calling
upon and handling our Zords. Excellent, but you must hurry. Time is running out. Knowledge infusion is complete. We are ready to begin. But I must caution you, you’ll be in a desert far from any body of water. Yes, Zordon. And now, it’s Morphin’ Time! White Aquitar Ranger Power! Black Aquitar Ranger Power! Blue Aquitar Ranger Power! Yellow Aquitar Ranger Power! Red Aquitar Ranger Power! Rangers of Aquitar, Full Power! [All] Power of Water! Power of Light! Powers Unite!

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