Mikolji The Fusion between Nature Science and Art

[Music] Oh My Chemical G River Explorer and audio visual artist hi I’m Ivan Michael G hi I’m Ivan McCole G and this is gonna be stylish at dawn this is the a sabato River and Dawn my work is a fusion between nature science and art through my images my videos my drawing to my paintings I try to show the hidden beauty and the rainforest and the Janos the savannas underwater and inspire people to preserve all these ecosystems my glow when I started exploring and taking pictures of orchids wildflowers fish underwater in the wild aquatic plants and I bring these images back to scientists and some of the images could not be identified by the scientists they would say listen this is a new species of orchid or they say this is a new species of fish you know and even sometimes when I was in the creeks and I would take out the camera and show the locals I’d say listen this is the fish that I’m taking a picture and they wouldn’t even know the fish so it struck me that there were so many things that people didn’t know that lived you know and it was very often that literally in every Creek I went [Music] we’re not concealer inattentiveness so I was striving down on one of my expeditions and we tried for hours on that sometimes 12 hours and all of a sudden I came up with this quote that was you cannot to search something that you don’t know exists and all of a sudden it made sense the important part of my work was to show people what they have so they can be able to preserve people don’t know what they have then there is no way they can help to take it take care of it there are many important moments that have brought me where I am today and one of these moments was when I saw large Terra film album for the first time Terra film album are the Orinoco angelfish and I saw large specimens and a friends apart and they were incredible I couldn’t believe what I was looking at I was I was amazed and sometime later I went to look for these fish in the wild I wanted to video them I wanted to photograph them and that brought me to the Pavoni River down in the Amazon State in Venezuela and in the Polonia River it was famous because it had large amounts of albums this is where the ornamental fishermen fish them for the arm hobby and there was from the stories there was millions of these fish so I went down to the Maroni River and I slammed the Pahlavi River by day I slammed the Pahlavi river by night I looked by night with flashlights I slam many times for hours and I never found one so I went up to the aloni indigenous community which is at the edge of the river and I asked to speak with the chief so we were granted to go in and we went and we spoke to the chief and asked them we’re looking for the Orinoco angelfish and we haven’t found one and he’s like what what Orinoco angelfish are you talking about so I grabbed a stick and I drew the fish on the ground and he’s like oh you’re looking for the Alpha so the Indian chief knew the scientific name he didn’t know the common me and I’m like yes we’re looking for the for the Alpha and he’s like we ate them all and like what I said yes we use barbasco and we put it in the river to catch all the fish that stuns the fish and we catch them and we eat them and we ate them all we haven’t seen one in years and I was speechless I couldn’t I couldn’t believe what I was listening and after much reflection it was very obvious that not only the angelfish were going extinct in the wild it was obvious that his ethnicity with time was going they they were wearing jeans they had DirecTV his the river too was getting polluted everything was going and extinction not only the fish and it also was I think the first time I ever drew a fish and it was literally on Cory Paco land the indigenous people there are gone Paco so it was literally encore taco land the first time I drove fish and it was an alpha man to fish [Music] in my drawings and my paintings I try to fuse the colors of everything I see in the wild for example if I’m coloring a fish and I remember there were purple orchids in the trees where they live I probably put that purple in the ground was yellow I put that yellow in there if there were green a politic plant I put the green and if there were red aquatic plants I could also do that because you have to understand that color is relative when you see for example again an angelfish under water and you see it in blue water and the fish is silver with brown stripes when you see it in blue water the fish is blue when you see this fish in black water which is T colored or orange the fish is orange and you get the fish out of the water and you put it on your hand and you take a picture of it and the fish is blue because it’s reflecting the blue in the sky so what color is the real fish and it depends on which points of being do you see it you’re seeing in blue water to see in an orange water you see an outside what is reflecting on so everything is a fusion of this and that’s how I view my drawings and my paintings [Music] one of the things that I find most interesting to photograph our water reflections and you see these water reflections throughout my work and the most interesting of them all to me are the underwater reflections and underwater reflections are hard concept to understand they are on photographing the movement of the water the current flow and what that flow reflects from the bottom and from the outside so for example if they’re green aquatic plants you get half green in the water reflection and if there’s a blue sky you get blue in it too and if there are trees outside you get green add up a different color green so it’s all a mixture between the angles like the flow and what is underwater and outside and for and the most incredible thing is that they don’t exist I’m taking a picture of something of a moment which does not exist I turn on the flash and they disappear I go and I do the the angle in a different way and they disappear they don’t exist so I still these are a subject to study to me am I going wild I spend a long time photographing and trying to understand which way is the best way to photograph them and why and they’re still the way they work is still a mystery to me there are so complex the micro the microphone graphs of instance that don’t exist we’re not gonna intervene effectively ingress one of the most magical places I’ve been to are the tourist Rapids and the Orinoco River mecca and place is incredible there’s large round boulders everywhere that goal was as big as a car – as big as a basketball court and the round and the polished the sand has water blasted the particles at high speed have Santa had polished the rocks so smoothly and they have desert varnish on them and they look like Chrome so in the morning when the skies blue these rocks turn blue and in the afternoon when the sky turns yellow or orange the rocks reflect the yellow and the orange it’s just amazing [Music] so when when its seasons change and the water levels in the river go up and down there’s aisles that get uncovered and there’s one special one in the middle of networks and this little island is when the water level goes down all the fish start migrating from your node when they head up the bloody RA to the all Tana to the vent or really to the koala and all these major rivers they go to breed they go to lay their eggs so they have to pass through a small stretch so all these fishermen go to this little island and they build this these rudimentary shacks because some snakes and some plastic and and they stay there for weeks and when they fish all the fish as they come up and then as they come down from breeding they also catch so it’s a very special there’s a lot of fishermen there’s a lot of action of the fish and all the rocks are polished it’s just a very amazing sight but the most incredible thing is that when you look at the ground when you look at the rock they’re all covered in metrobús they’re the rocks the ground everything it’s full of petroglyphs there’s pre-columbian drawings on them carved in the rock and it’s just incredible to think that the indigenous people here used to do the same thing they probably used to come here to fish the same fish as they do today as the fishermen do today that probably the fishermen today they go and they leave and they come back probably the indigenous people wanted to decorate this was their home so they probably decorated and did rituals and what is mind-blowing is when the water levels rise and these islands disappear for four or five months that those pet rivers become the habitat the biota of so many species of fish they become the whole not of the fishermen but of the fish and we breathe there they feed there on the rocks and this fusion between nature and our ancestors and a relationship between us and nature it’s just incredible for me in some of my paintings and some of my drawings I have incorporated these pre-columbian petroglyphs or forms some are more obvious than others so you have to look closely we die soon [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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