Mikolji The Fusion between Nature Science and Art

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  • Ivan, you outdid yourself. Magnificent video!

  • I love all your work.. Especially the wild aquarium videos. This video is the best yet.

  • Just amazing. You are such an inspiration. I wish to do all these some day.

  • Great stuff! Absolutely stunning images!

  • Ivan, Im not joking when I say I dearly miss your journals of the journeys you took. This was wonderful. are you selling your art?

  • Amazing video! thank you!!!

  • The legend. I love your work.

  • Woow what a dedication i love all of ur works..

  • amazing video and pictures! do you know the name of the plant at 9:41?

  • Magnífico vídeo! A la verdad que usted si disfruta y admira lo que muy pocos admiramos y tenemos de gratis: La Naturaleza
    Congrats for your work!

  • The reflection photos were stunning. Your comments made me think. I had never stopped to think that they aren't real. I'll remember that. Thanks for sharing.

  • That's my uncle!!! Haha nice work

  • Awesome, awesome video! Thank you Ivan for sharing your beautiful work!
    And I was stunned and so saddened to hear about the disappearance of the Altum from the Pavoni River because " we ate them all!"

  • Congratulations man, beautiful work.

  • Miko, excelente video amigo, ahora si entiendo el tema de los colores en tus pinturas y los peces. "Todo depende desde que punto de vista lo este viendo", es así.
    Éxito pana.

  • That's why You inspired me Ivan. Thank You, for Your exist.

  • I am a big fan of you….very nice video,thanks Ivan!

  • Magnifico lavoro!  Grazie.

  • Nice work Ivan

  • Amazing, Truly Amazing !!!

  • Greetings from Germany great Video


  • Your work is so unique and valuable! Do you ever speak at universities? Would you be willing to?

  • You are truly a treasure! Thank you for sharing your experiences and passion with us. I always watch your videos so I may understand how we are connected to our world and to make a better home for my fish. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Living in Venezuela and exploring your own country's nature treasures is encouraging all of us to do the same. But to do that with the passion Ivan is doing so is remarkable. Thank you Ivan, it is an honor for me to know you and watch your videos, your art and all you share with us.

  • Thanks for your great work! Nature + art = harmony. Learn beauty from nature!

  • Awesome Ivan. Really enjoyed this, as usual.

  • Welcome back Ivan, Missed your videos :>

  • When's the next expedition? I know things would be difficult right now with the current political climate in Venezuela

  • Whether you need to Run ads on your videos, have a patreon account, and maybe even ask for a GoFundMe to happen, whatever it takes, WE WANT YOU IVAN! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!

  • Not many people get to say they're river explorers, I bet every day is an incredible experience, thankyou for sharing a part of it with us!

  • Welcome Back Ivan! Ive watched the progression of your videos from novice to masterworks! Thank you so much for this newest culmination of your work! PS I have been trying to determine the name of this song. It is the song that was playing in the first video I watched of yours.

  • While listening to your description of these events of photography that do not exist. I had this image sequentially play out in my mind. If you were to take a video and move toward a telescopic device below the angle needed to see through the device. As you move the camera across the threshold of view, crossing its symmetry. There would exist one of these moments as well. You would be able to see the boundaries like an hourglass shape, of the telescoping devices field of view. Thanks the epiphany!

  • Great work Ivan!

  • thanks ivan for your amazing video
    salute !!!

  • Excelente trabajo!!!. Las pinturas y fotos son realmente espectaculares y verdaderamente inspiradoras. Lástima lo de los peces ángeles. Que sigan los éxitos!!!

  • man please don't stop doing your stuff. you inspired me to do and your videos is my basis for my aquascaps. your one of the YouTubers that do important things to humanity.

  • Ture artist.

  • Thanks Ivan, very nice and interesting video about your lifetime passion.

  • Great work Ivan!

  • thank you so much for sharing this !!

  • Absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing this! I found your channel years ago searching aquarium things and love your documentaries.

  • Thank you so much for giving us such beautiful images. What you are doing is Inspiring to me as an artist. I try to capture the beauty in my own back yard so to speak. The natural world is a gift to cherish and protect.

  • Hermoso trabajo Ivan!! esa tierra es magica! bellas tus pinturas al igual que las fotografias!

  • Antes de que sea demasiado tarde… debemos luchar para proteger a los ecosistemas amazónicos de la destrucción. Firmo peticiones, ¿qué más puedo hacer …

  • Orgullo de mi país y como casi siempre sucede: su trabajo es más conocido, admirado y sobre todo valorado fuera de nuestras fronteras. Mis respetos, Ivan.

  • We should hang out 😉

  • La extinción es para siempre, que triste que nuestros rios se quedan sin peces.

  • Excelente trabajo.

  • cool,very life and culture in surface and very submerse atractions

  • I'm so happy I stumbled upon your channel. I love freshwater planted aquariums and it's fascinating to see my fish in the wild.

    Please come to the Aquatic Experience next year. I think you'd be a valuable asset to the planted aquarium community. I'd love to see you do a lecture there.

  • Hello Mr. Mikoji,
    Even your behind the scenes are like regular stock footage! You have the best job in the World. I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, but I got so discouraged by being a Latino. Because Latinos were never hired, or sponsored because of whatever the reason why. A cousin of mine became a Marine Biologist, and he rarely got work. A few dives here and there, but nothing to make a living on. He eventually became a Quartermaster on several freighter ships. He’s retired now. Amazing photographs! Would you auction some off your photographs and painting to have your work in our homes? God bless you on your life work! I enjoy watching. Thank you for sharing!

  • In this video beauty was seen, felt and was self explanatory . thank you

  • Hola Iván. Estoy encantada con tus vídeos y este en especial. Soy amante de los peces y el arte. Ha hecho una exquisita fusión entre ambos…Me inspiras.

  • Great video! Stunning nature photos and amazing pictures! Greetings from Russia!

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